17 Awesome Hair Inspos for Girls Wanting to Rock the Double Bun ...


I love the double buns trend! It is not only chic, but it's so, so cute. I was wondering myself how to take my double buns to the next level. So, where did I go? Instagram! Take a look below how you can take your awesome double buns to the next level.

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Those Purple Buns

Those Purple Buns Oh, these buns. They are so cute and the woman in them look amazing!


Those Pastel Buns Though

Those Pastel Buns Though These buns are the bees knees.


Casual Chic

Casual Chic Love the bangs on her!


Criss-cross Part

Criss-cross Part Oh, this part of buns is not only cute, look at that part!


Just a Little Glitter

Just a Little Glitter Yes, you'll be picking it out of your hair for weeks, but it looks cool right?


Curly Buns

Curly Buns This is perfect for my wife's hair!


Half up, Half down

Half up, Half down You don't have to put all of your hair up, leave a bit down.


Slicked Back

Slicked Back Slick it on back, it'll look beautiful!


Coachella Buns

Coachella Buns Double buns are a huge trend at Coachella and they look beautiful here!


Braided up Buns

Braided up Buns This look. This entire look. Breathtaking!


Low Braided Buns

Low Braided Buns Not all double buns need to be up, you can have them low.


This chic style is perfect for an understated yet fashionable look. Start with two loose braids at each side of your nape and coil them into buns. Secure them with bobby pins for a nonchalant, bohemian vibe. This look works fantastically with flowy dresses or casual denim outfits, giving off a laid-back elegance. Plus, it's great for those days when you want your hair out of your face but still want to keep things stylish and feminine. Embrace a little flair by wrapping a colorful scarf or ribbon around the base of each bun.


Messy Buns

Messy Buns Casual, messy, perfect for a tousled, dream-filled day.


Sporty Buns

Sporty Buns Working out? This is the perfect hairstyle for you!


All the Colors

All the Colors I love the little, tiny streaks of color in this one.


Tiny Buns

Tiny Buns Look at the tiny, tiny buns!


Buns in the Back

Buns in the Back This look is a totally different take on the double bun trend.


Cute, Cute Space Braided Buns

Cute, Cute Space Braided Buns Breathtaking. Just breathtaking.

So, what's your favorite?

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Those shoes in picture 10 are amazing!

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