10 10-Second Hairstyles for Busy Girls on the Go ...


10 10-Second  Hairstyles for Busy Girls on the Go  ...
10 10-Second  Hairstyles for Busy Girls on the Go  ...

As I work at home at a computer all day, my go-to hairstyles are simple – ponytail or pulled up into an elastic-comby-thingy. But then, when I go out, I suddenly realize I have left no time to do something with my hair! That is until I found there are some great styles I can do in seconds. They’re a dream!

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Messy Bun

One of the best and easiest super-fast hairstyles is definitely the modern messy bun. Taking inspiration from the classic look of the ballerina, putting your hair up in to a slightly loose, messy bun gives you an instant style that goes with pretty much any outfit choice. You might think a bun has to be nice and tight with some product to secure it, but the modern trend is for the ‘bed head’ type bun to be favored over an overly careful look.


Mega Volume Double Pony

Sure, we can all put our hair in to a simple ponytail, but if you are looking for something that is super quick but is still going to make more of a statement, then the mega volume double pony is perfect. Start by making a half up half down pony, and then with the remaining hair make a smaller pony underneath that will give the outer pony much more volume.


The Twist and Pin

If you want something simple and quick that screams casual elegance, then the twist and pin is the style to go for. You can achieve this look by grabbing and twisting a small section of the hair around your face and then securing it in place above your ear with a few bobby pins. You can also spray a little product on the twist to ensure that is stays in place and looks great for hours and hours.


Half up Half down

This is another style that has benefited hugely from the modern fashion trend towards shabby chic and slightly looser, more free attitude towards hairstyles. The casual ponytail surrounded by locks of ‘framing’ hair gives you a mature, adult look that still manages to retain some youthful playfulness. You could almost say that it is the modern equivalent of the mullet, business in the front, party in the back!


Easy and Elegant Updo

This is another style that is super quick but looks like it has taken much longer to achieve. You should be able to do this because the video even includes tips on what you shouldn't do. If you're looking for a style for a special occasion in a hurry, this fits the bill. And, you can always dress it up with a fancy pin.


Headband Tuck

Use this inventive style if you want some framing around your face without having to use an external headband. Separate the two framing blocks of hair on the sides of your face and bring them together around the back of your neck, securing them together. Once this is in place, the rest of your hair will fall around the secured strips in an attractive way that makes it look like you are wearing an invisible headband!


Sock Bun

If you've always wanted to try a sock bun but didn't know how, this video proves just how easy it is. You'll wish you tried it years ago.


10 Second TopKnot

Yes this video is much longer then 10 seconds but there's a very good reason for that. You get a detailed walk through of how to do a delicious topknot that once you've practiced a few times, you too will be able to do it in 10 seconds, just like Emmy.


Faux Fishtail Braid

I have always found the fishtail braid takes me way longer than I have ever budgeted for. Ok, so this is not a technically correct fishtail braid but you achieve the same effect and it does only take a few seconds. Give it a try!


10 Second Bun for Very Long Hair

You might imagine that if you have very long hair you can't possibly achieve a decent hairstyle in 10 seconds. Right? Wrong! Watch how it's done then try it yourself. You'll definitely need to practice this one to master it.

The first few times you try these styles will take longer than a few seconds, but once you’ve perfected them, you can be out the door looking fab in the blink of an eye.

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