7 Quick & Fabulous Hairstyles That Take Less than 10 Minutes ...

It's almost summer and who has time to do their hair – not me, that's why I came up with the top 7 hairstyles that take less than 10 minutes to do! You can still combat the heat and look amazing with some of these awesome hairstyles that take less than 10 minutes! If you're heading to the beach, take a look below so that you can cut back on the time you spend on your hair and concentrate on the time you are at the beach!

1. Side Twist Fishtail Braid

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One of my favorite hairstyles that take less than 10 minutes is the fishtail braid. Now, of course, you have to know exactly how to do a fishtail braid before you attempt to do this particular style in less than 10 minutes, but once you have the techniques down, you'll be able to complete this amazing side twist fishtail braid in no time at all! It's an adorable look for the beach or even for work!

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