11 Ways to Wear a Ponytail so You Can Look Stylish during Your Next Workout ...


11 Ways to Wear a Ponytail so You Can Look Stylish during Your Next Workout ...
11 Ways to Wear a Ponytail so You Can Look Stylish during Your Next Workout ...

If you are tired of wearing your typical workout ponytail, you’re in luck – there are actually many ways to wear a ponytail. When you are working out, you may just put up your hair in a minute without giving it much thought. This may look fine, but doing a little extra something to your hair can make you more confident about yourself, creating a better workout! It’s also along the same lines of wearing cute workout clothes to look presentable (such as working out with your significant other). That’s why I am going to show you some of the many ways to wear a ponytail for your workout.

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High Sleek Ponytail

High Sleek Ponytail Of the many ways to wear a ponytail, this is by far the most workout-efficient. It is high up so it’s out of the way and keeps your neck cool. The sleekness of it also helps keep it contained so you don’t have flyaway hairs all over the place. All you have to do is brush all of your hair to the very top of your head, and tie it with a hair tie. You can top it off with some hairspray or gel if you really want to make sure no hair falls in your face. That’s all you need for a cute, effective hairstyle!


Wavy and Low to the Side

Wavy and Low to the Side You may want a lower ponytail during your workout instead of the high ponytail. It is certainly going to be more comfortable and less tight on your scalp. This adorable hairstyle is good for keeping your hair sweat-proof as well. To make this style, start by parting your hair on your hairline and use a curling iron to create waves on the bottom of your hair. Then, bring your curled hair together with a hair tie about chin height, leaving some loose strands of hair on the opposite side of your face.


French Braids to Ponytail

French Braids to Ponytail Incorporating braids into your ponytail can help keep your hair together. This is good so that your hair won’t be able to stick out all over the place! Begin by separating your bangs into the three strands like you would if you were doing a normal braid. Then, braid your bangs down the side until you are about ear length. Tie this braid with a ponytail holder, and wrap your hair around a flat iron to get a big curl. Alternatively, if you can use a curling iron (just don’t apply heat very long if you want it more wave-like) to curl it.


Banded Ponytail with Headband

Banded Ponytail with Headband This ponytail variation creates a cute look while keeping your hair up. The addition of a headband makes this hairstyle good for keeping hair out of your face during workouts. This hairstyle is much easier than it looks! Simply push all of your bangs and hair back with a headband. Take your hair and put it in a ponytail, putting additional ponytail holders in for a braided-look without the braiding!


Waved Bottom Ponytail with Bangs

Waved Bottom Ponytail with Bangs The waves of this ponytail give a flirty look, while the height of the ponytail keeps you cool. This hairstyle is meant for those with short bangs. However, if you have long bangs like me, you can always put your hair in a ponytail and curl the bottom for some pretty waves. This ponytail variation is so simple! Like I said before, you just need to put your hair in a ponytail and curl the bottom with a curling iron. For those with short bangs, you can leave them as is.


Pinned, High, and Curled

Pinned, High, and Curled This hairstyle is amazing because it is both adorable and functional. It is high up so that you don't have sweat sticking your hair to your neck. Also, the hair clip helps keep your hair in place. Just pull your hair back into a ponytail and use a hair tie or clip on the top. Then, simply curl the bottom of the ponytail in long strands.


Long and Edgy

Long and Edgy This ponytail is your basic ponytail, but its length makes it even more gorgeous. All you have to do is put your hair in a little loose ponytail, and wear it to the side. This helps get it out of the way when you are trying to work out. It is also a little bit edgy with some rough ends, so if you are going to go for this look, ditch the hairspray. If you don’t have that long of hair, you can always go for the edgy look, or use extensions.


Bombshell Bump

Bombshell Bump If you really want to blow away anyone you see at the gym, why not throw in a little bump to your ponytail? All you need to do is get a little height at the crown of your head and pull your hair back into a ponytail!


Mod Pony

Mod Pony This look is so chic and so cool when you are heading out to the gym -- and then for a night out on the down with the girls! This style is a play on an updo, but it's also super easy to complete!


Beachy Waves

Beachy Waves Beachy waves are very in right now and they are something that every single celeb is trying to pull off! If you have naturally wavy hair, just spritz a little hair spray on it and pull it into a high ponytail! It's an ideal look for the gym!


Slick Braid

Slick Braid Finally, a slick ponytail is amazing, but how about a slick braid? Just slick down the front of your hair, braid the back of your hair into a pony and you got it!

You can still look fabulous and work out at the same time. This may not sound appealing to some of you, but if you are working out in a public place or with your partner, you may want to look a little nicer. Do you (or would you) like to work out sporting a cute hairstyle?

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I do not no what to do with out this app

I like the styles, they can be this way not only for working out but fora many other casual events that you have. Thanks for the article. This is great. :)

Why is this even an article? Put your hair back, make sure it's secure and go work out. The gym is not a fashion show.

Why do girls feel the need to look cute or sexy while working out?

Although I lovethe idea, some of these are absolutely ridiculous for working out. Why on earth would I want a low pony that would end up serving as a sweat towel? Or curl my hair in the first place? Workouts aren't supposed to be cute.

Like it :)

I think it just depends on what you think, some girls like to, and others don't

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