9 Fabulous Hair Color Trends for Fall We Just Love ...


9 Fabulous Hair Color Trends for Fall We Just Love ...
9 Fabulous Hair Color Trends for Fall We Just Love ...

I love finding out what new hairstyles are each year, and the hair colors for Fall 2020 have especially got me excited, ladies! This fall, new versions of classic color trends are popping up everywhere in fashion magazines, and they actually aren’t all crazy colors either, like fashion trends can seem to be sometimes. In fact, many hair colors for Fall 2020 are actually quite alluring, feminine and really pretty. If you’re on board with trying a new hue this year, be sure to check out these new colors for this year’s fall season. Everyone you know just might be asking you to dye their hair too!

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Cool Auburn Brown

This cool auburn brown is the color to be wearing this year, ladies, as it is popping up everywhere! The look creates a classic '40s look, which is a general overall fashion theme this fall. This color definitely gives an appeal of '40s class, while also being stylish. This beautiful color brown will also look great with that new auburn colored handbag and pair of boots I’m sure many of you will be wearing too!


Ombre Auburn

The ombre trend hasn’t quite left the fashion scene yet, ladies, so don’t disregard this popular hair color trend before this fall season! The ombre style is being worn in darker hues all over the head, instead of just on the ends or the top. The key is to dye your whole head brown and give the locks on the end the ombre effect in a darker shade. This will create a look of definition and dimension that is sure to have you inspired to try something new!


Fiery Red

I’ve always envied people who could sport red hair, since I definitely can’t! While I love my locks, I think I’ll leave the red shades up to ladies like Scarlett Johansson and Julianne Moore, who pull these off so well! Fiery red is really hot for this fall’s hair trends and the key is to create a blended effect so your hair doesn’t look like a fire engine, but blends in by various fiery red hues all throughout.


White Blonde

It's going to be a classic whitish blonde, much like what we saw in the '90s. The key to getting this right is to go for less of a bleaching effect and more of a light blonde effect. Even if your hair is dark, you can still pull this off, and if you end up hating it, it will at least be easy to cover up!


Black Cherry

With Rihanna making this color popular and the cute color name of “black cherry,” what are you waiting for to try this gorgeous shade? This hair color is really popular for fall this year and it creates a sleek effect that is also feminine, classy and sophisticated. This shade is not quite black, but not red either. The color looks just like it sounds, but more importantly, will look beautiful on you too! If you have darker eyebrows, this will definitely be a great color to try, but if you have blonde or light brown eyebrows, you’ll need to consider coloring those too, so they don’t take away from your complete look.


Multidimensional Blonde Hair

The great thing about this color is that you can wear it no matter what your skin tone, eyebrow color, etc. To pull this off, you’ll need a really great hairstylist and I don’t suggest trying this at home. I’ve tried dyeing my own hair before, and let me just tell you, I’ve never cried so much over my hair in my life!


Warm Auburn Red

Another hair trend this year, especially for brunettes, is a warm red color. This would look good on any skin tone and I like how it creates a really vibrant shade without being overbearing. You’ll also need to be sure to stick with more brown hues than red, and have it colored almost in an ombre style towards the end to add definition. If you’re a fan of dark hair colors, this is definitely a safer one to put at the top of your list!


Dark Chocolate Brown

This is another shade that flatters many skin tones and exudes class with an air of mystery. If you frequently dye your hair a light color, go bold and go brown for a change. If you're uneasy about dying your hair too dark. this is a great option that's deep but still looks chic.


Brazen Blonde

It's always fun to take your hair color to the lighter end of the spectrum and what better time to do it than when it's least expected in the fall?

Hair trends are always interesting to look at each and every season. This fall, think about trying a new hue if you want to up your fashion game a little, but still look pretty too! Do you have a favorite fall hair color trend you’re planning on trying this year?

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Love black ever!!!.. is my natural color and I never change for other.. Btw, dont like Scarlett in a red color but she's my favorite actress,I pass these mistake, lol.

My hair is black cherry color right now but I didn't know it was called that way >w<

Loving it

I was planning on adding some auburn dye!!

LOVING Beyonce's!

I only like three

Funny thing- i did just go from black to that blonde/ombre/brown ends that Beyonce got without knowing that she got that colour. Still i love it!

I love the red I would love to know what color she used

I really liked Emma stones red color :( but its her hair... I kinda liked all the old colors on this list better.....

Loving Rihanna's black cherry.

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