7 Adorable Hairstyles for a Music Festival That'll Make You Stand out ...


7 Adorable Hairstyles for a Music Festival That'll Make You Stand out ...
7 Adorable Hairstyles for a Music Festival That'll Make You Stand out ...

Thinking about new hairstyles for a music festival? You definitely want to spend some time deciding on the perfect look. It needs to make you stand out, but it also has to be practical, feel comfortable, and be easy to maintain. Don't worry, you can look cute while staying cool, as long as you're willing to experiment with some of these adorable hairstyles for a music festival!

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Crown Yourself Queen of the Festival

Crown Yourself Queen of the Festival A crown of braids is one of the cutest, most regal hairstyles for a music festival – and it's practical as well. In addition to looking fabulously fairy tale, it keeps the hair out of your face so you don't get quite as hot and sweaty. There are several ways to create a braided crown, such as braiding two plaits of hair on either side of your face, creating a braided headband, braiding all of your hair, or creating a top crown that allows the rest of your length to cascade.


Haute Hippie with a Headband

Haute Hippie with a Headband This style is easy as can be and endlessly adaptable. You know the look: channeling the flower children of the 1960s, you take an intricate headband and wear it around your head, so it covers your forehead. Brighter prints and patterns look best with this style, but it's better for the nighttime shows, just in case your forehead gets a little itchy.


The Girl with Flowers in Her Hair

The Girl with Flowers in Her Hair Speaking of flower children, flowers are marvelous accessories during music festivals. You can mix in with the last hairstyle and choose a floral headband, you can twine flowers through your braid or ponytail, or you can create a gorgeous flower garland. That last is more for looks than practicality, but wouldn't it be lovely with a long, flowing white dress?


Tango with a Topknot

Tango with a Topknot Looking for a glam 'do that feels comfortable too? Topknots are among the best hairstyles for music festivals because they look chic but they're completely functional. Create a sleek, crisp bun on the very tip top of your head, secured with bobby pins, a rubber band if you need it (for extra hold), and even some gorgeous accessories. It will keep your hair off your face and the back of the your neck while allowing you to inject some serious sophistication into the music scene.


Where the Braid Meets the Bun

Where the Braid Meets the Bun You can also take boho to the next level by braiding bits and pieces of your hair, then tucking them into a messy bun. Another option involves braiding a plait using the lower layers of your hair, then wrapping it around your bun for a gorgeous look. The best part is that when you take your hair down, you'll have a profusion of waves, crimps, and curls.


A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess Speaking of messy buns, you can always go that route too. I love a messy bun, because all you really have to do is thread your hair through an elastic. You can pin up stray strands or let them softly frame your face. It's a great go-to when you're in a hurry.


Braiding on a Curve

Braiding on a Curve One iconic style has been big at all the world's biggest music festivals: the sideways braid. Ideal for mid-length to long hair, these braids can be messy or flawless, complete or falling free. You can decide whether or not you want tendrils framing your face, and if you want to include any flowers, beads, or feathers in your plait.

Bottom line, if you feel gorgeous, your hairstyle's already perfect. Just remember, you're going to be dancing, singing, partying, and hanging out in all the heat and humidity of a packed festival. What's your go-to hairstyle when you're attending a festival, or even just a concert?

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