10 Lovely Hairstyles for Windy Days That Are Pretty and Practical ...


10 Lovely Hairstyles for Windy Days That Are Pretty and Practical ...
10 Lovely Hairstyles for Windy Days That Are Pretty and Practical ...

I hate when the weather isn’t just beautiful and perfect, but I'm always well equipped with my favorite hairstyles for windy days that’ll keep it in place and gorgeous. The goal is to keep it simple and manageable. No one wants their lovely hairstyle to get ruined by a million flyaways! So, take a look through these hairstyles for windy days that’ll make things much easier for the unpredictable weather.

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Poof Ponytail

Poof Ponytail You could never go wrong with a ponytail as one of the standard hairstyles for windy days. It’s simple and easy to do. But, why not spice it up and add a poof at the top of the head? Tease the poof until you get the desired look and pin it down with bobby pins. Then, gather the rest of your hair into a high ponytail. Simple and sturdy are always a good way to go for windy weather!


Adding a poof to a ponytail is a great way to add some volume and style to your hair on a windy day. This hairstyle is not only easy to do, but it also helps keep your hair in place against the wind. Teasing the poof and securing it with bobby pins creates a sturdy base for the ponytail. This hairstyle works for all hair types and lengths, making it a versatile option for any woman. It's also a great option for those with fine hair, as the poof adds volume and texture. Overall, the poof ponytail is a practical and pretty choice for a windy day.


Twist Side Ponytail

Twist Side Ponytail This really pretty look takes a cue from the Disney Princesses to be beautiful, yet simple. It works best for ladies with long tresses! Part your hair on your best side and take hair from the front/top and begin twisting towards the side.As you keep twisting, add more hair each time until you get to the bottom of your ear. If necessary, secure with pins. Then gather all your hair to the side and use an elastic to put it in a side ponytail! And, there you have it!


This twist side ponytail is a great option for windy days as it keeps hair out of your face while still looking pretty and put together. It's also a great option for ladies with long hair, as it can be secured with pins and an elastic. The look is inspired by Disney princesses, so it's easy to recreate and perfect for any occasion. To achieve this look, part your hair on the best side and start twisting sections of hair towards the side, adding more hair each time until you reach the bottom of your ear. Gather all the hair to the side and secure it with an elastic for a princess-worthy look.

Frequently asked questions

I absolutely love a messy bun for windy days! Keeps your hair out of your face and looks effortlessly chic.

Hair spray is your best friend, trust me! Also, braids and updos are amazing to keep everything neat and tidy.

Totally! You can go for cute braids, like a fishtail or boxer braids, which look adorable and stay put.

For short hair, half-up styles or a sleek ponytail work wonders. They’re easy to do and keep your hair controlled.

A bit of mousse or a light hair spray along with a well-secured braid or bun can work wonders without making your hair stiff or sticky.


Fishtail Braid

Fishtail Braid Most kinds of braids are great for windy days. They are definitely guaranteed to stay in place and are super versatile too. To get the look, make sure to brush hair to ensure it is tangle free. Then, section the top part of hair into three parts. Begin by crossing each section as you would with a regular braid. As you keep going, add from the right and left accordingly. Make sure to pull sections so the braid is tight and in place! Viola!


To master the fishtail braid, gently incorporate smaller strands from the outer edges of the hair into the braid's center with each cross-over, which gives it the intricate, woven appearance. This technique may take a bit of practice, but once perfected, it's a stunning and secure way to manage your mane. For an added touch, leave out some face-framing strands before starting the braid for a soft and romantic effect. Finish by securing the end with an elastic that matches your hair color, and you're all set. This style not only resists strong gusts but also transitions beautifully from a casual day out to an elegant evening look.


Birthday Pony

Birthday Pony The name sounds funny, but there’s honestly no other way to explain it. You literally end up looking like a more sleek version of a birthday ribbon that’d you put on top of a present. It gives your pony some spunk! So, for starters, put your hair in a high ponytail in the center of your head and section the pony into five parts. Take your fingers to kind of loop the section and pin it it down. Do that with each section. There will be little holes. And, if you don’t like them, take each looped piece and twist it loosely in different widths and pin it down in however many it takes for it not look so piecy. It’s a great look if you want your pony to have some personality!


Quick Bun

Quick Bun So, this is one of the hairstyles that everyone knows; a bun! It can be a low bun at the nape of your neck, in the middle or on the top of your head. Take all of your hair and pull it into a pony and secure with an elastic. Either twist or loop hair as desired until you get your favorite bun look and secure with an elastic or pins! Use hairspray if your hair tends to get a lot of flyways!


Side Braid

Side Braid The side braid is pretty versatile. The first step is take a part from the top of your head and braid all the way down. It’s your choice to either secure with pins and leave hair out, or blend it into a ponytail. I would go for the ponytail just in case you’re worried about your hair whipping you in the face at some point in the day!


Two Braids into One

Two Braids into One Start this cute look by taking the front part of your hair and splitting into two small sections. Braid each section and bring them together in the back of your head where they meet like you would a ponytail and secure with an elastic. It would kind of look like a waterfall braid. Then take the rest of your hair and braid right down the middle, bringing the other two braided strands into it. By now the two braids are secured within the big braid, so you can safely take out the elastic! It’s a nice look for windy days and sporty days too!


Headband It

Headband It And, for those days where you don’t feel like doing anything at all, just put it in a ponytail. And, don’t forget to add a pretty headband to jazz it up!


Twisted Updo

Twisted Updo I took a cue from Dulce Candy’s Youtube to get this nice hairstyle. It’s quick and chic! Take small sections of hair and begin twisting them back. The smaller the sections, the better. Secure with bobby pins and pull hair pack into a messy bun for a easy yet pretty look! Use hairspray or some other product to reduce frizziness and hold it in place!


Inspired by the effortlessly chic Dulce Candy, this twisted updo is ideal for keeping your tresses tamed on blustery days. Start by taking small sections of your hair and twisting them away from your face. The key is in the details; finer sections make for a more intricate and secure style. As you twist each section, use bobby pins to keep them in place, eventually gathering everything into a loosely-tied bun at the nape of your neck. A spritz of hairspray not only tames flyaways but also ensures your style holds its ground against the wind. Simple, yet undeniably stylish!


Low Chignon

Low Chignon Chignons are easy to accomplish, low maintenance and should stay in place when it gets too windy! Start by parting in the middle and taking the hair into three sections. One at the crown to the ear, and the other ear, and a large bottom section. Take the the bottom section and put it into a low pony. Make sure to keep it lower, not too close to the scalp. Take the two front sections, and tie them together with a elastic. Tease the top pony to create volume and to make room to put the other part between them. Then take the low pony, and loop it between the the part you just sectioned and made space for, and secure with pins. Spritz some hairspray on it to keep it in place!

So, these hairstyles are super simple, sturdy and cute! They only take a few minutes to do, and they are practical yet lovely hairstyles for windy days that just won’t cooperate! Try out a few of these and see how they work for you! Are there any go-to looks you have for windy days? Which one of these are your favorites?

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I have full bangs/fringe so this windy weather is totally ruining my hairstyles :(

Again: what about short hair?


love these styles!

Great for windy England

I love this

#1 What is a poof?

I would say most of these aren\'t tht good for windy days

It is always windy in South Dakota. Love the suggested styles.

Love them<3

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