7 Feisty and Unique Hair Colors for Your Inner Rebel ...


7 Feisty and Unique Hair Colors for Your Inner Rebel ...
7 Feisty and Unique Hair Colors for Your Inner Rebel ...

Everyone has a little inner rebel but not everyone sports the variety of unique hair colors associated with it. Being a rebel with color can be fun. Changing your hair color to an unexpected hue can help empower you and bolster your sense of independence. If you are looking for some awesome and unique hair colors to try then have a look at our little starter list of suggestions. Many are familiar, but if you haven’t tried them before then think about giving them a go. Your color options are truly endless!

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Jet Black

Jet Black Whenever I think rebel, I envision Joan Jett and her jet black hair. The hair color in its pure black form tops our list of unique hair colors. Jet black has almost always been associated with a rebellious look. The color is dark (obviously) and feisty and screams inner rebel! I love it and frequently dye my own hair this bold, dark color.


Fiery Red

Fiery Red If you are craving a color that is a little bolder than jet black then consider a deep, fiery red! I love this color. It is radiant! When the color is done just right, it is amazing! Be careful when you experiment with this color as the hue can range widely from auburn to an orange tint. The vibe of each is a little different from the other. Take your time and choose a reliable stylist or hair color that will give you the effect you desire.


Deep Purple

Deep Purple Deep vibrant purple is another color that screams rebel, in a good way. Deep purple is another wonderful bold and unique hair color. The color will not only change your hair but it is sure to change your mood, too! This shade of purple is absolutely drool-worthy. It exudes confidence. Pair this color with a sharp haircut with crisp lines and brow line fringe!


Vibrant Pink

Vibrant Pink This isn’t princess pink. Not even close! You’ve likely seen this pink tone on many people. No matter where you’ve seen this hue, or not, it is amazing and catches attention wherever it shows up. If you have a bold personality or are unafraid to try bright colors like this, then give vibrant pink a try!


Bright Blue

Bright Blue Bright blue is a bold and unique choice. It is difficult to do correctly, but when the application is done properly the results are amazing! This is definitely another bold color choice to consider as a method of expressing your inner rebel.


White Blonde

White Blonde When this color is applied properly, the results are mind blowing! White blonde reminds me of P!nk and Khaleesi from the Game of Thrones! Yep, badass women with white blonde hair! Unless white blonde is your natural hair color, choosing this hue is a unique and unexpected color change for anyone!


Flame Effect

Flame Effect Flame colored hair has to be one of the most unique hair color jobs we’ve ever seen. It is unique and striking! It is also an incredible display of talent. If you color your own hair or enlist the help of a professional stylist, be sure to do your homework first! The results are fantastic and endlessly rebellious when done properly!

We all know it takes a little more than a change in hair color to be a rebel, but changing your hair color is a start for many women. Being a rebel also requires confidence, perspective, and attitude. Whatever hair color you choose, wear it with pride, even if that hair color is the untouched shade you are born with! These are just a few of the many hair color variations out there. What color is your hair? Do you consider yourself a hair color rebel? Please, share! We are all here to learn and inspire!

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I love jet black and fiery red

who is the red haired girl? ❤️

fiery red is so cute!

What age is too old for the bold colors?9

I like the white blonde

I love white blonde hair! so pretty when done right

I\'ve been dyeing my hair a deep red for years... I love it...I feel powerful and sexy!

Loving number 7!

Omg that flame hair is doing this for me, I\'m gonna definitely try it this holiday

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