11 Easy Styles for Curly Hair That Are Great for Any Occasion ...


11 Easy Styles for Curly Hair That Are Great for Any Occasion ...
11 Easy Styles for Curly Hair That Are Great for Any Occasion ...

Sometimes, after a long night, the last thing you want to worry about in the morning is fixing your hair; you want easy styles for curly hair. Curly hair is already pretty stylish. The curls, waves, coils, or kinks are wonderful expressions of who you are. But when we are in a rush we need a quick fix for our crowning glory. There is a wide variety of ways you can style your gorgeous locks. To help jumpstart your day I have created a little list of seven easy styles for curly hair that are great for any occasion.

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Two Strand Twist

The two-strand twist is the first of many an easy styles for curly hair. I often style my hair this way when I’m in a rush. I also use a two-strand twist when I deep condition my hair. The twists help distribute the conditioner throughout. Create this look by separating your hair into two parts and twisting the strands together, end over end. Bind your hair to prevent it from unraveling.
Video Source: MahoganyCurls


Three Strand Braid

The simple three-strand braid is familiar to everyone, curly hair or no. You’ve likely worn your hair in a three-strand braid many times without thinking about how easy it is to create. Sweep the hair off your face and braid the ponytail down your back or gather it to the side. Your two-day-old curls will thank you for this style. This clip by Curly Hair is designed to instruct Dads, but it is a great tutorial for everyone new to braiding hair.
Video Source: Tresemme


Fishtail Braid

The fishtail braid is another deceptively easy style that women of all hair types can achieve. Twisting the top of your fair away from your face, gather the length at the side of your neck, and create the fishtail braid. Bind the end with a lovely clip or pretty elastic clasp. The result is a pretty style that you can wear for any occasion. Use a light styling crème such as ORS Curl Pudding to keep those curls in check. I love this stuff! It works wonders!
Video Source: SunKissAlba


Half up Half down Braid

The half braided style is another of my favorites. This style works best with freshly cleansed hair or second day hair. Styling your hair this way on day one ensures that flyaway hairs are minimized and curls remain defined. If you want to style your second day hair this way just dampen and gently detangle your hair. Adding this step will help make styling a little more manageable.
Video source: ASplashofDR


High, Loose Bun

The high bun is my favorite go-to style. It is easy to do and it protects those ends! You can wear this style on day one or day five and still look fabulous! Gather all your hair on top of your head and gently twist it round to create a bun on top. I like to secure my bun with u-shaped hairpins in place of elastic hair ties. The hairpins are much gentler and hold very well when placed securely. If you choose to wear your second day hair in a bun be sure to dampen your hair before styling.
Video Source: AliciaJames


Flat Twist Updo

A flat twist updo is a pretty easy style to achieve. Flat twists have an interesting shape and texture. They are a great alternate way to achieve a lovely look without braiding. Flat twists are a great option for people who do not know how to braid hair. Part a section of hair as wide as you like and roll the hair along the scalp until you create a line of hair similar to a cornrow. Gather the rest into a low bun and secure with hairpins.
Video Source: LovelyAnneka


Retro Pompadour Updo

We all know how much I love retro/vintage style. One vintage hairstyle I love is the pompadour! This simple hairstyle is loaded with class and elegance. You can wear it anywhere from school to a cocktail party. This style is pretty, simple, and easy to do. The pompadour is one of many vintage styles you can try. Not only are they lovely but many also require you to tuck away the ends of your hair making them fantastic protective styles.
Video Source: MyNaturalSistas



The faux hawk is one badass hairstyle. I love it! Like many on this list, the faux hawk is super easy to do. Just comb the side of your hair up and secure in place with a hairpin. This style works best with short hair. However, if you hair is longer there is a more complicated braided option for long curly hair.
Video Source: BargainPrincess


Low Side Bun

Who doesn’t love a low side bun? They are everywhere! And there is a reason for this (well, one of many) the low bun is super cute and easy. You can create a low side bun at any time. However, if you want your low bun to have lots of volume make sure your curls are completely dry before pinning the bun in place.
Video Source: SunKissAlba


Bantu Knot out

If you have a little extra time on your hands and want a different, defined curly look then try the Bantu Knot Out. Styling the knots requires patience and practice but the results are worth it! Untwist the knots to reveal fabulous corkscrew curls. Apply a shine serum to finish the look and you are done.
Video Source: Naptural85


Goddess Braid

Braided styles are so very versatile. You can use them to add an interesting detail or use them as the focal point of the entire hairstyle. The goddess braid does just that. If you desire a more ethereal style then consider this look. The goddess braid is so pretty and easy that you will want to wear it everyday.
Video Source: MsDanti1

Styling curly hair is always an adventure. Having a go-to style is incredibly helpful when you are under tight time constraints. These hairstyle suggestions are just a small sample of many easy styles for curly hair. Do you have any suggestions for styling curly hair quickly? Please, share!

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