7 Celebrity Hairstyles to Try This Summer ...

Refresh your style with one of these 7 new celebrity hairstyles for the summer. This coming summer season is going to be all about changing up that do, and making waves with your hairstyle. I’ve put together a listing of celebrity hairstyles that are all TDF (To Die For) this coming summer! With a little snip there and a lot of attitude, you can rock these simple, chic hairstyles. Because let’s face it, it’s hot out there in summer, and you need something fierce to defend against hiding in the shade and shadows.And in case you are wondering if it's too early to be thinking of summer hair,consider that you might be thinking about getting a shorter style than your current one - what if you see a delectable long style here?Cut your hair in winter or spring and you could well be pining for your long locks back come summer.

1. The Asymmetrical Tug

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One of the best celebrity hairstyles to swipe in summer is Julianne Hough’s asymmetrical tug. This look is great for a lady with an oval face and a little edge to her. With the long pieces in the front, this style will soften your face and allow for multiple layers in the back. That will allow for a bit more depth and volume, for those with thinner hair. Add some spice to your summer with this change up to the everyday single-length hairstyle.

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