7 Easy Hairstyles for College when You're in a Hurry ...


Here are some easy hairstyles for college when you’re in a hurry, as I know getting up for classes can be a struggle, especially when you have been out the night before. Most the time when I am in lectures or in the library, I really hate having hair all over my face. These easy hairstyles for college when you’re in a hurry are practical and time efficient.

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The Messy Bun

The Messy Bun This is the perfect hairstyle to do when in a rush. The best part of it is that it looks better the messier it is! I was a huge fan of this in my first year of college. All you have to do is tease your hair and then find a hairband; you may need to pin some of the fly-aways down, but other than that that look is complete. I personally think this is the best and easiest of the easy hairstyles for college when you're in a hurry.


The Ponytail

The Ponytail The ponytail can be worn in many different ways, from when in the gym to a red carpet event. The reason I think this is great for college is that it removes all the hair off your face and can hide problems such as if your hair is starting to go oily. Let’s face it, most of us carry a hairband around our wrists, so this look can even be completed in class. Feeling sporty? Wear a high ponytail. More conservative? A low ponytail.


The Fish Tail Plait

The Fish Tail Plait This look is probably one of the hardest to master. However, when you know the technique it looks amazing, even like you have spent ages getting ready, when in fact you've only spent at most five minutes. I personally think this hairstyle is great for an interview or meeting with a lecturer, as they will be impressed by your level of effort. Little do they know the actual amount of time you spent.


Braid Headband

Braid Headband I was a massive fan of the braided headband when I was at school. It removes your bangs or front part of hair away from your face, so that it doesn't distract you. This look can be done in only a few seconds yet makes your hair look a lot more interesting.


Half up, Half down

Half up, Half down If you love having your hair down yet want it off your face, then this look is for you! It is very versatile and can suit curly or straight hair. I personally love the style as it can be transformed from day to night. For example, if you have class till late and then want to go out, all you need to do is touch up your make up and have a change of clothes.

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Alice Bands

Alice Bands I love the preppy style! The Alice band is cute, yet controls any flyaway hairs. This look can really complement most outfits, especially with a cute satchel for college.


A Bow

A Bow A bow is really timeless. It can transform a boring unfinished hairstyle into a really adorable and neat one. The only real decision? Whether to wear a bow headband or clip.

Doing a simple hairstyle can really cut down the amount of time you spend to get ready, leaving you with more time to finish assignments and actually eat breakfast. These will help you concentrate in class and be more focused when doing work. What hairstyles would you choose for college?

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