7 Easy Hairstyles for College when You're in a Hurry ...

Here are some easy hairstyles for college when you’re in a hurry, as I know getting up for classes can be a struggle, especially when you have been out the night before. Most the time when I am in lectures or in the library, I really hate having hair all over my face. These easy hairstyles for college when you’re in a hurry are practical and time efficient.

1. The Messy Bun

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This is the perfect hairstyle to do when in a rush. The best part of it is that it looks better the messier it is! I was a huge fan of this in my first year of college. All you have to do is tease your hair and then find a hairband; you may need to pin some of the fly-aways down, but other than that that look is complete. I personally think this is the best and easiest of the easy hairstyles for college when you're in a hurry.

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