7 Temporary Hair Accessories to Glam up Your Look ...


Hair accessories are the perfect way to glam up your regular look without having to make a huge commitment to a new style. They give you the chance to try new things without worry that it won’t look good. Hair accessories are available at virtually any place that sells hair products so you have a ton of options at your fingertips. Check out these ideas, then add your own to the list.

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Fake Hair

Fake Hair One of the most fun hair accessories are thin strands of clip-on hair in funky colors. You simply attach the hair to your own tresses, then style. That fun strip of turquoise, pink or neon yellow can really give your hairstyle a punch next time you hit the dance floor or try the new pizza place for dinner. But you can still go back to work in the morning looking professional.



Headbands There are so many sizes and styles of headbands, you can try something new every day for an entire year if you want to. For a work outfit, try a thin, sparkly band with your usual ponytail or bun. If you’re going to brunch, a headband with a fun flower is perfect. For a trip to the mall or out to dinner, a thick cloth headband is a fun way to glam up your style, while also keeping your hair out of your face.


Clip on Flowers

If you’re like me, headbands give you a headache. In that case, try clip-on flowers instead. You can stick one in your ponytail or thread one through a couple of bobby pins behind your ear. Go for a small flower if you want a subtle, but still ultra glam, look. Opt for a big one if you want to get noticed.


Colored Elastics

Colored Elastics I’m sure you’ve seen those big bundles of hair elastics in all the colors of the rainbow. Why not grab a set of them next time you shop? If you’re the kind of person who loves to follow trends, but don’t want something glaring, colored elastics are the perfect answer. You can match them to your wardrobe and give your hairstyle a nice dose of color without going overboard.



Barrettes I’m not talking about the brightly colored ones shaped like bows and unicorns that you wore as a kid. There are so many glamorous barrettes out there that you’re sure to find a few to give your look some personality. Try something with some bling for a night out or something with small flowers for the office. Put a barrette over your ear or above a ponytail. You can also use a barrette to hold back some hair on top of your head.



Feathers Feathers seem to have come back in a big way, a la the 1920s. There are several ways to add glam to your look with one feather, or more. Try one on a headband for a fun new look next time you go out to the bars or to listen to live music. Slide a feather through your ponytail elastic, or clip one under a basic barrette when you do your hair.



Sticks Don’t go out in the yard and start looking for sticks. I’m talking about hairstyle sticks, which are kind of like chopsticks. You can slide them into a bun or ponytail to give your look some flair or you can use them to twist your hair up and hold it in place. Opt for shorter rather than longer so you don’t look like you’ve sprouted antennae.

What’s your go-to hair accessory? I like ponytail elastics or bobby pins. Which one of these ideas will you try first?

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