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Our favorite celebrity hairstyles are original and iconic. Sometimes, a star changes up their hair and starts new trends and styles. A simple change of your hair can make you blend in or stand out! These celebrities all did something a little different than the rest that made us all pay attention, in a very good way. These 7 celebrity hairstyles have us all in envy!

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The Janelle

The Janelle Janelle Monáe has one of the most recognizable celebrity hairstyles and it is adorable. Her natural hair updo is not only stylish and edgy it is also very flattering on her. While this may not be a hairstyle that just anyone could pull off, she makes it look easy and makes me want to try!


The Miley

The Miley Say what you want to about Miley, but there is no denying that she has amazing hair. The Miley cut was what began the new Miley era and it is fabulous. Sometimes she wears her pixy cut spiked, other times it’s pushed back, and sometimes she brushes it forward. No matter how she rocks it, it always looks fab. This may just be the most controversial choice on the list - so tell us - what do you think of the Miley cut?


The Chloe

The Chloe Model Chloe Norgaard’s hair is always changing. She is not afraid to experiment with new colors and trends, which is why we love her hair. Chloe has sported every hair color and looks fabulous doing it. I highly recommend channeling your inner Chloe by breaking out the Manic Panic to see what creations you can come up with.


The Rachel

The Rachel What kind of list would this be about celebrity haircuts if we didn’t include Jennifer Aniston’s iconic Rachel hairstyle? People have been requesting this haircut since Friends aired in the 90s and I don’t think people will stop anytime soon. We love Jennifer’s hair no matter how she wears it but we have a soft spot in hearts for the Rachel cut.


The Halle

The Halle Not many people can rock a pixie cut quite like Halle Berry can. She has donned many styles over the year but nothing can compare to her pixie cut. She makes me want to cut off all my locks and get a Halle cut. Her bone structure is perfect for short hair, making round-faced girls like me enviable.


The Victoria

The Victoria Although Mrs. Beckham has been wearing longer locks lately, her A-Line haircut will forever be one of our favorite celebrity hairstyles. This hair looked good with her natural dark coloring and even when she colored it blonde. Posh Spice has worn many different hairstyles throughout the years, but this cut will forever be my favorite.


The Jared

The Jared Ahh, Jared Leto and his ombre locks. Does it get any better? Jared wears ombre hair better than most female celebrities and can pull off long hair better than any other man. This man is gorgeous with long hair, short hair, brown hair, ombre hair, or blonde hair. However, there is just something about his shoulder-length, blonde-tipped hair that is wonderful.

We absolutely love these celebrity hairstyles. These celebrities continue to inspire our recent haircut choices and decisions. Now that you’ve seen our list, share with us which celebrity hairstyles YOU love. Tell us who should have made the list in the comments section.

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The jared ❤️

I really love the Chloe

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JARED LETO IS AMAZING omg i screamed when i saw him hahah gotta love this post

Miley! Although Chloe's her looks georgous too but Miley is just simply rocking the undercut and short hair over all. I even got my hair cut just as hers # noregrets

... Idk wht to say

3,4,6 are awesome, the rest, not so muhc

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