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Inspiring and Fun Reasons to Love Your Long Hair ...

By Jessica

There are outstanding reasons to love your long hair and appreciate the gorgeous locks that take time and care to maintain. I'm sure most of us have changed our hair more times than we can count, from color to cut to how we style it- the possibilities are endless. Your hair is your biggest accessory because you wear it every single day! I've had hair of all lengths and styles, but long hair is definitely my favorite for many reasons. The best thing to keep in mind is to keep a hairstyle that you feel most attractive and confident in, whether it's long or short or electric blue! Keep reading for my reasons to love your long hair, even on the days when you have the urge to cut it all off!

1 It Touches Your Feminine Side

It Touches Your Feminine Side There is something undeniably feminine and beautiful about having long locks. I believe any hairstyle can be sexy if styled properly, however there is something about long hair that spans culture for its symbol of womanhood and desire. Many men, if not most, find long hair very attractive on a woman because it exemplifies beauty and femininity- one of the many reasons to love your long hair!

2 It Requires Less MAINTENANCE

It Requires Less MAINTENANCE Long hair doesn't require as much maintenance as shorter hairstyles. You don't need to cut it as often for it to look fresh- some shorter styles, like a bob or A-line, require regular salon trips to keep it from looking shabby. You can also wait longer to color your hair because grown-out highlights look natural and are totally in! Yet another advantage of long hair is that you don't have to style it for it to look good and better yet, you don't need to wash it as often as you would short hair! I had an A-line for a couple years and would have to wash, blow dry and straighten it on a daily basis to keep it from looking oily, flat and unkempt!

3 Long Hair is Just Lovely (and Sexy!)

Long Hair is Just Lovely (and Sexy!) Almost anyone can pull off long hair as flattering and sexy (unless you have very thin hair, in which case longer locks may not be your best option). Every time I see a woman with long, beautiful hair, I immediately think about how lovely she looks regardless of what she's wearing or how her makeup looks. It's effortlessly chic to sport long hair!

4 You Can Style It Any Way You Want

You Can Style It Any Way You Want You have endless possibilities when it comes to styling your gorgeous locks- from curly to straight to countless up-do styles, there's bound to be one or many that you love! One of my go-to styles is a chic side braid. I am a busy mom with an active toddler and most days I don't feel like spending the time to curl or flat iron my hair. A side braid takes less than 5 minutes to achieve and it always looks good! Unfortunately with shorter hair, you don't have many options for styling- even a simple pony isn't an option sometimes! That was one of the reasons for growing my hair out and keeping it long- I love options!

5 It's Hard to Have a Bad Hair Day

It's Hard to Have a Bad Hair Day Any of you ladies who have had shorter hair or even bangs, you know what it's like to wake up with crazy bed head! None of us love to spend a ton of time fixing the jumbled mess that your beauty sleep caused. With long hair, going to bed with a high, loose bun will prevent you from having a bad hair day! Many times I don't do a single thing to my hair other than brush it out in the morning. Long hair can, however, get dried out from processing (longer hair means older hair) and not getting regular trims, so make sure to do a hair mask once a week and trim your hair every 6-8 weeks to prevent breakage.

6 It Lengthens a round Face

It Lengthens a round Face When I was pregnant with my son, I made the mistake of cutting all my hair off because pregnancy really dried out my hair (and skin!). In my third trimester and once baby arrived and beyond, I had a very round face that I would have loved to have kept less obvious with long, layered locks. Long hair lengthens a round face making it appear more oval, which is beneficial if you have fuller face.

7 It Took Years to Grow It out

It Took Years to Grow It out And finally, one of the reasons to adore your lovely long hair is that it took ages to grow it out! Your hair grows about half an inch per month and with regular trims, it's no wonder it takes years for it to grow out! So next time you feel like cutting it off on a whim, remember how long it took to grow it out- you may change your mind.

Long hair is so lovely and flattering, and yet it's also fun to have a short, lively hairstyle if that suits you! If you do have long hair or wish to grow yours longer, what do you love about it?

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