Inspiring and Fun Reasons to Love Your Long Hair ...

There are outstanding reasons to love your long hair and appreciate the gorgeous locks that take time and care to maintain. I'm sure most of us have changed our hair more times than we can count, from color to cut to how we style it- the possibilities are endless. Your hair is your biggest accessory because you wear it every single day! I've had hair of all lengths and styles, but long hair is definitely my favorite for many reasons. The best thing to keep in mind is to keep a hairstyle that you feel most attractive and confident in, whether it's long or short or electric blue! Keep reading for my reasons to love your long hair, even on the days when you have the urge to cut it all off!

1. It Touches Your Feminine Side

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There is something undeniably feminine and beautiful about having long locks. I believe any hairstyle can be sexy if styled properly, however there is something about long hair that spans culture for its symbol of womanhood and desire. Many men, if not most, find long hair very attractive on a woman because it exemplifies beauty and femininity- one of the many reasons to love your long hair!

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