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Finding simple, fuss-free hairstyles for athletes can be tough. I mean, come on, when you’re running 3 miles or playing overtime in a basketball game there’s no way your average ponytail will last that long. As an athlete myself, I’ve found the simplest go-to hairstyles that always stay for me. Here they are, some fuss-free hairstyles for athletes.

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Half up Half down

The half up-half down hairstyle is one of the easiest fuss-free hairstyles for athletes. Whether you’re in a rush or have time to spare, this hairstyle is perfect. All you need is either a clip or a ponytail. Take the top part of your hair and pull it all to the back. Secure it with either a clip or a ponytail. This hairstyle is a perfect way to wear your hair down, but with it all out of your face.


French Braid

The French braid is a classic yet classy go-to look. A French braid can be done by separating your hair into three sections from the root, as if you were doing a classic braid. However, you’re going to be adding small sections of hair from the right side of your head as you go down. Keep braiding and collecting more hair until you’ve reached the end. Secure with a hairband.


Hairband Braid

This isn’t your average braid or ponytail. To achieve this look, put your hair in a ponytail. However, leave a strand of hair out of the ponytail. Instead of securing it with just a hairband, create a braid with the piece of hair left out. Wrap the braid around the band and secure it with a bobby pin. This hairstyle is a cute upgrade from your average ponytail.


Braided Bun

This look is similar to the hairband braid. Instead of putting your hair in a ponytail, create a messy bun and leave one piece of hair out. You can either use a classic braid or fishtail braid on the piece left out. Once you’ve braided it, wrap it around the bun and secure it with a hair band. The braid will keep the bun in place for much longer than your average bun can withstand.


Five Strand Braid

To create the five strand braid look, separate your hair into five sections, instead of two or three. Part one should go over part two and under three. Part five should then go over four and under three. Keep repeating this until you reach the end. Secure with a hairband.


Fishtail Braid

Many people rave about the fishtail braid. Separate your hair into two even sections. Take a segment from the left and bring it to the right. Then, take a segment from the right and bring it to the left. Keep alternating until you reach the end, and secure with a hairband.


Classic Braid

You can never go wrong with the classic braid. Separate the hair into three sections. Cross the right section over the middle and into the left. Then, the left over the middle and into the right. Continue crossing until you’ve reached the bottom. Secure with a hairband.

All of these hairstyles are cute and comfortable, and will definitely withstand workouts. Although these are only 7 hairstyles for athletes, I bet there are plenty more. Have you tried any of these hairstyles yourself? What’s your favorite?

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