7 Disney-Inspired Hairstyles for when You Need Some Magic ...


If you're bored of always wearing your hair in the same way, there are Disney-inspired hairstyles that you should try. It doesn't have to be Halloween in order for you to steal your favorite character's look. These Disney-inspired hairstyles would look great at a party, or even on a normal day. Get ready to look and feel like a princess!

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Elsa from Frozen

Everyone's seen Frozen by now, and Elsa is one of the most beloved characters. Not only is she strong, but she's beautiful as well. She has one of the Disney-inspired hairstyles that you can wear in everyday life. It's pretty much just a fancy braid, so you can wear it anywhere!


Belle from Beauty and the Beast

If you want to wear your hair half-up and half-down like Belle, this video is exactly what you need. It gives a detailed explanation of how to accomplish the princess' look. Since it goes step by step, there's no way for you to mess up. You're bound to be a beauty!


Cinderella from Cinderella

This video shows you more than how to wear your hair--but your make-up as well. It'll make you feel like a true princess. Of course, if you only care about the hairstyle, it's helpful to know that Cinderella wears a french twist with bangs. Skip to seven minutes into the video to see how the look is accomplished.


Jasmine from Aladdin

This is another video that shows you what make-up to wear in addition to how to do your hair. If you're focused on your locks, skip to five minutes into the video. You'll see the simplest way to make your hair look gorgeous. It's a hairstyle you don't see often, which will make you stand out in a crowd.


Snow White from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White's hairstyle looks difficult, but you'll be able to handle it. All you need to do is curl your hair, and put a cute headband in it. Once you figure out how to do it, it'll be easy. It just takes a bit of time, so make sure that you don't have to run out of the house anytime soon. If you rush, then it's not going to look as fabulous as it could.


Anna from Frozen

Elsa isn't the only gorgeous girl in Frozen. Her sister, Anna, also has some serious style. If you want to copy the hairdo she had during the coronation ceremony, then this video will help you achieve that adorable look. Wear it when you're headed to a big party, and wear Elsa's look on a more casual day.


Merida from Brave

If you want to look like Merida, you don't need red hair, but you do need a lot of curls. If you're in a rush, then this hairstyle won't work well. However, if you're ready to invest time into looking fabulous, then you should try out this style. Even though it'll take you a while to complete, it'll look like you didn't invest too much effort in it. It'll make it look like you're naturally beautiful (which of course, you are).

We all love Disney movies, because the women are powerful and brave--but we love them for their style as well. Don't be afraid to copy their look, because it's sure to impress. What's your favorite Disney movie? Who's your favorite character?

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Merida is the best Disney princess, hands down!

You should add Ariel from The Little Mermaid to this list...She's one of the most popular disney princesses...I have super long red hair and people say I look like Ariel:)

Anna and Merida's hair style is so pretty

i love this app but why i can't scroll down.so sad:(

I love this! This is so creative! I have red hair and I love curls, but unfortunately my hair is not naturally curly like that. So this helps a lot! Thank you!

I have Merida's hair naturally so recreating that look is easy😝

Jasmine's hair, lovely. can't wait to try it

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