7 Hairstyles for Curly Hair That You Probably Haven't Tried Yet ...


Being a curly girl, I sometimes find it hard to shake it up and sport new, exciting hairstyles for curly hair. But I don’t want to damage my hair by straightening it every time I want to try out a new look. Fortunately, I’ve found that it’s easy to keep things fresh with my hair, and you can do the same too, if you try out these hairstyles for curly girls!

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Single Braid

Single Braid I know lots of curly girls that sport cornrows or loose braids during the summer. However, I think one of the more unique hairstyles for curly hair is a single, loose braid. Just because your hair is a little bit wild or unmanageable doesn’t mean you can’t rock an awesome fishtail or French braid!



Afro I know it isn’t 1977 anymore, but who says you can't still wear your hair in an afro today?! I think girls who can work the afro look really work it; if you think you can too, try it out. A retro look is always a breath of fresh air, and an afro can be fun and easygoing, perhaps even the perfect style for you!


Lion’s Mane

Lion’s Mane I live in a house full of curly girls, and all of our bathroom cupboards are filled with hair products. But some days, you can just let your hair do whatever it wants! It may be a look you haven’t tried before, but the all natural lion’s mane style will look fabulous if you decide to try it out.


Embrace your inner wildness with the lion’s mane look, which celebrates volume and texture. Toss out those straightening irons and let your curls roar with their natural strength. This style is all about self-acceptance and rocking what Mother Nature gave you. Whether you have tight coils or loose waves, applying a bit of leave-in conditioner can enhance the shape and shine, giving you that glorious, untamed aesthetic. Perfect for a casual day out or an artistic event, this hassle-free approach allows for a standout appearance without the fuss. So go ahead, be bold, and let those curls go free!


Chop, Chop!

Chop, Chop! At one point, I had had enough of my long, thick hair. Curly hair is a hassle, as most curly girls know, so a few years ago I decided to chop it all off! Now I’m able to sport Lupita Nyong’o's look, with as little hair as possible atop my head, during the hot summers and I love it! If you’re ready to take that step, go ahead and take it! Nothing should be stopping you from the amazing feeling of short, curly hair.


Brush It out

Brush It out I know that most curly girls don’t like to “anger the beast” and thus comb their hair while it’s wet, then try to avoid it the rest of the day. But sometimes brushing out your curly tresses is the best thing you can do when looking for a new, creative look. Brushed out, purposefully frizzy hair probably isn’t a look you’ve tried out in the past, but is definitely a look you should consider for the future!



Bob Personally I think that curly bobs are among the cutest hairstyles on this planet! They’re so innocent and sweet, and remind me of Shirley Temple! But you don’t need to be a little girl to rock this look. You can try it out at any age to give you a youthful glow and fresh look. Plus, once your hair is shorter, it will be so much easier to manage and save you ample time in the mornings.


Middle Part

Middle Part Some may think that a middle part only works on sleek, straight hair, but I think that a lot of curly girls can really rock a middle part! It takes a lot of courage to pull off this look, but you definitely can as long as you have the face for it.

It took me a while to come to terms with being a curly girl. After all, when you have naturally curly hair, it’s like you’re constantly at war with your own “lovely locks.” But now, I love my curly hair and am so thankful for it. After trying all of these styles, I couldn’t imagine having straight hair without the option to be suddenly curly after a quick shower. What style do you think will make you embrace your curly hair even more?

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I used to hate having curly hair, but now I think I have the best of both worlds...I can go natural & curly or sleek & straight. It's all about having options & finding products that work for your hair type.

I'm going to try a middle part.

I use to hate my curly hair, but now I can't get my hands off it. I use this for my curls L'oreal curve it curl taming cream not sticky at all.

I got bored of my long curly hair so I cut it myself. I have now the middle part style. I love it 'cause it' s flowy and it allows me to braid it whenever I want a

I've tried the middle part for the first time this year and I love it!!!

thanks. mine is crazy too looking to rid the frizz. NOTHING works in hot sticky FL summers

Most of the hair on their wasn't naturally curly. 50% of those wouldn't work with hair like mine

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