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50 Adorable Short Haircuts ...

By Sabrina

Short hair is becoming increasingly popular for women all over the world! If you've been contemplating chopping off your long locks, here are some short haircuts that may just persuade you to make the jump!

1 Bob with Braided Bangs

hair, eyebrow, blond, human hair color, hairstyle,Source: Hair & Beauty
Bobs are fun and easy! You can spice up this short haircut with a sweet braid!

2 Short, Layered Bob

hair, human hair color, layered hair, hairstyle, blond,Source: Cuts and Color
Highlights and layers look great on almost every short haircut! Julia Stiles rocks this look! Maybe you will too!

3 Shoulder Length Cut

Shoulder Length CutSource: This Month's Must-Try Trends
Blunt cuts look great too! And the ombre flair adds a nice touch!

4 Grown out Pixie

Grown out PixieSource: Growing Out the Pixie
You can go even shorter with more of a pixie-like style. Thick, side swept bangs look great with this style!

5 Brownie

BrownieSource: My Style
Brunettes look fabulous with pixies too! With volume in the back and stylish bangs, you can rock the short hair look!

6 Full and Fabulous

Full and FabulousSource: Hair; good, bad, you judge
Short hair isn't always thin hair! You can keep the thickness of your lovely locks and have more hair to play around with, just less length.

7 Short and Spiky

Short and SpikySource: Beauty
For the especially daring, try a spiky hairdo. Bold and boyish may look great on you!

8 Smooth and Silky

Smooth and SilkySource: 10+ Hairstyles for Short Hair ...
A smooth, silky look is just as wonderful as a wild, spiky look. This one is great for a professional setting and won't take much effort in the morning.

9 Pixie

PixieSource: Fuck Yeah Short Haired Women
Why not go full pixie? With the right face and a certain amount of confidence, you can certainly pull off a super short cut!

10 Honey Brown

Honey BrownSource:
This honey brown color makes the haircut that much more adorable! Slightly messy, but totally stylish. This is a 'do any woman could rock!

11 Curly Bob

Curly BobSource: Hair
This look just screams summer to me! A curly, A-line bob is perfect for your first short haircut.

12 Wavy Bob

Wavy BobSource: side
For girls with wavy hair, you can rock the A-line too! A side part and almost-shoulder length cut is fun, cute, and classic!

13 Straight and Serious

Straight and SeriousSource: Hair styles and cuts
When it's time to get down to business, you can always straighten your hair and look amazing too! This professional look is just darling, as well as easy and quick to wash and style in the mornings!

14 Bleach Blonde

Bleach BlondeSource:
Julianne Hough's short haircut is wildly beautiful! The striking blonde coloring just adds to the stunning look.

15 Pastel

PastelSource: Best Hair Color Ideas for ...
Why stop at dying your hair blonde? Colorful dyes looks amazing on short hair! Why not go a little crazy and experiment with fun and unique pastel colors.

16 Modern Short Hairstyles

Modern Short HairstylesSource: 65 Modern Short Hairstyles For ...
Some short haircuts are classics, but others are edgy and modern! Like this choppy, stunning haircut!

17 Soft and Elegant

Soft and ElegantSource: Hair
This elegant style takes short hair to a whole other level! Completely classy and utterly adorable!

18 Sweet Shoulder Length

Sweet Shoulder LengthSource: My Style
This shoulder length cut with shapely bangs is so sweet, yet interesting. The layers will be tons of fun, and look great too!

19 Wispy and Wonderful

Wispy and WonderfulSource: beauty
Wispy bangs look great with a curly bob. This look is innocent and lovely; you can't go wrong with it!

20 Accessorize

AccessorizeSource: Style | Babble
The key to pulling off a short cut is accessorizing! Buy lots of headbands, bows, and clips when you get your short haircut!

21 Thick and Choppy

Thick and ChoppySource: hair&beauty
If you have thick hair, it may not be easy to get a wispy little haircut. But you can certainly rock a thick, medium-length cut!

22 Messy and Chic

Messy and ChicSource: 20 Trendy Fall Hairstyles for ...
Sometimes being put together is just overrated! You can look great with a messy, chic haircut just like Emma Watson's adorable short cut!

23 Doll

DollSource: Stephs Fashion Blog
Some haircuts can make you look like a complete doll! If that's the look you're pursuing, try out a style like this short bob that will frame your face perfectly!

24 Futuristic

FuturisticSource: Hairstyles for Short Hair 2014 ...
This particular pixie looks a bit futuristic to me. A combination of the color, wildness, and super-short bangs makes it seem ahead of its time!

25 Blunt Blonde

Blunt BlondeSource: baby shower
This blunt, blonde haircut has a personality of its own! If you think you can rock it, then by all means get this adorable cut!

26 Sweet Shoulder-length

Sweet Shoulder-lengthSource: Impressive Short Hair Styles: Would ...
If you're not ready to chop off too much hair, a shoulder length cut may be the right route for you! This look is sweet and fun!

27 Sophisticated

SophisticatedSource: Short Hair Inspiration – take ...
This elegant, timeless cut is totally sophisticated! With this cut, you'll feel empowered and demand respect from everyone around you.

28 Wintage Curls

Wintage CurlsSource: Hair + Beauty
Vintage looks are always making a comeback! With short hair, you can pull off a number of vintage looks, such as this stylish 1940's 'do.

29 Kaley Cuoco

Kaley CuocoSource: Kaley Cuoco's New Pixie Cut ...
A cross between a pixie and a bob, Kaley's cut displays the best of both! The thick bangs give the cut personality, and the shortness gives it style!

30 Sleek

SleekSource: Shailene Woodley Talks Short Hair ...
Short hairstyles are extremely compatible with sleek, elegant looks, making you picture perfect for any classy event!

31 Cutting-edge

Cutting-edgeSource: Impressive Short Hair Styles: Short ...
This look is really involved, with scissors and curling irons working hard to perfect it! But clearly, it's worth all of the hard work!

32 Simple

SimpleSource: .Andrea Jankovic: CHARLY
A simple cut like this one works in almost every situation. Even toned-down, this still look manages to turn heads!

33 Reserved

ReservedSource: What I Like About You- ...
Not all short haircuts have to be showy, some will be pretty reserved. If you simply are tired of having a ton of hair, consider a conservative, stylish cut like this one.

34 Business in the Front...

Business in the Front...Source: short-summer-haircuts-for-teenage-girls-2012-hairstyles-for
Party in the back! Sleek, side swept bangs look adorable when there's a little fun mess lurking just behind it!

35 Retro

RetroSource: 20 Pretty Styles for Short ...
Retro styles look awesome on short hair. You can rock a 1960's look with the right accessories and the right cut!

36 A-line

A-lineSource: Bob Style Haircuts 2013 | ...
A short A-line can frame your face really nicely, and give you that star-quality you deserve!

37 Asymmetrical

AsymmetricalSource: Hottest Short Hair Style Pictures ...
Who said symmetry was beautiful? Humans aren't naturally symmetrical, so why should your hair be! You can look incredible with an asymmetrical cut like this one.

38 Tousled

TousledSource: 12 Simple Everyday Hairstyles
A tousled like this one can be lots of fun, and extremely interesting. Wearing it, people will instantly respect your boldness.

39 Overgrown Bangs

Overgrown BangsSource: 25 Best Short Haircuts for ...
Overgrown bangs can be positively stunning! Chop off all the length in the back, but keep the front long and untamable!

40 Sweet and Tame

Sweet and TameSource: The latest in celebrity hair ...
Likewise, a tame look can leave just as great an impression! This sweet, tame look is unforgettable and easy to manage.

41 Short Hair & Braid

Short Hair & BraidSource: Braid Your Rebellious Hair | ...
Just like a straight bob can be spiced up with a simple braid, a curly, messy short haircut can be enlivened by a braid! If you have thicker hair, this look will be phenomenal!

42 Super Simple

Super SimpleSource: Ashley Scott Short Hair | ...
This super simple bob may be just the cut for you! But with those light brown highlights, it's anything but boring!

43 Rocker

RockerSource: Stylish Holiday Hairstyles for Short ...
An edgy, rocker girl cut may be just what you need! With the right makeup and a ton of confidence, you can definitely rock a hard core look like this one!

44 Volume up Top

Volume up TopSource:
A fun style to try is one with sleeked edges and a ton of volume up top! It will take a little bit of effort to style each morning, but won't it be worth it?

45 Anne Hathaway

Anne HathawaySource: 2013 Brown Short Hairstyles with ...
Who doesn't find Anne Hathaway adorable? This boyish yet feminine cut can easily take on her name as she redefines short hairstyles!

46 True Pixie

True PixieSource:
This cut is a pixie at it's finest; the wispy bangs and layers make the look adorable and timeless!

47 Curly

CurlySource: 45 Reasons Why Supermodels Were ...
For all of my curly girls out there, don't shy away from a short cut just because your hair is wild! Long bangs and a close cut in the back look perfect with a curly hair type!

48 Curly Straight Combo

Curly Straight ComboSource: Short Curly Women's Hairstyles | ...
Then again… why settle for just curly? You can have some straight, some curly for an overall high fashion look!

49 Shaved Sides

Shaved SidesSource: Interest
Another popular look is shaved sides. This look is edgy and exciting!

50 Scene

SceneSource: Google
Sometimes it's great to try out something new, like a "scene kid" haircut. You can die your hair whatever color you like, then shave and spike it as you see necessary!

Short haircuts are fun, easy to manage, and clearly adorable! Which look will you try?

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