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33 Ravishing Retro Hairstyles ...

By Lyndsie

Retro hairstyles may indeed be retro, but they will never go out of style. From hot combed waves and pin curls to gorgeous victory rolls, they're still everywhere. Celebrities love going vintage on the red carpet, but even if you're not a siren of the screen, you can be a street style goddess if you're willing to try a few retro hairstyles of your own. After all, they look gorgeous with every hair type and color imaginable. Need some inspiration?

1 Loose Retro Waves

Loose Retro WavesVia The Next Best Thing To ...

Loose retro waves create one of the most iconic retro hairstyles you'll ever see. This is a perfect look for medium length hair, especially if it's at the in-between stage.

2 Vintage Pinup

Vintage PinupVia Pin Up Girl Makeup

Those long, loose waves are just to die for, don't you think? A look like this perfectly straddles the line between casual and fabulously fancy.


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3 1920s Chic

1920s ChicVia Celebrities - StyleBistro

Here Taylor Swift goes all-out Great Gatsby, and it's gorgeous! This look is sinfully easy to recreate, even if you have pin-straight hair.

4 Retro Inspired Updo

Retro Inspired UpdoVia Retro Hair + Makeup

If you're looking for retro wedding style, look no further. Where would you wear a look like this?

5 Long Lush Victory Rolls

Long Lush Victory RollsVia 8 Retro Hairstyles to Try ...

You're about to see a lot of victory rolls, which were particularly popular in the late 1930s and 1940s. Everything about this look is ravishingly retro – I've got some serious style envy for this beauty!

6 1940s Fab

1940s FabVia Tammy // 4A Natural Hair ...

This take on the victory roll is just stunning! Everything, from the perfectly sculpted rolls to the sleek middle to the curls at the end, is utterly flawless.

7 Casual Retro

Casual RetroVia Pinterest Found: Holiday Hair - ...

You don't have to go all-out to get the retro feel. Even something like this has a delicious early '60s sex-kitten appeal.

8 Vintage Diva

Vintage DivaVia Etsy :: Your place to ...

This is how you rock a stunning accessory, ladies. That makeup is fierce too – and ditto the outfit, for that matter.

9 The Marilyn

The MarilynVia Gene Hale Shoot

Doesn't this put you in mind of Marilyn Monroe? Rest assured, however, that blondes and redheads and raven-haired beauties can pull off this style with equal flair.

10 Long Retro Glam

Long Retro GlamVia Pictures : Long Hairstyles - ...

From the full take on victory rolls to the long, loose curls in back, this style is absolutely on-point. With the right kerchief, this would make a killer hairdo for a casual afternoon or a formal evening.

11 Gwen Stefani Retro Hairstyle

Gwen Stefani Retro HairstyleVia Gwen Stefani out-glams her girlfriends ...

Gwen is an ideal example of how to do retro even if you're a thoroughly modern Millie. Just make sure you're careful with your curls – you never want those babies to fall.

12 Retro Curls

Retro CurlsVia Ride the Wave: The Best ...

There's just something about tousled retro curls like these. It's awesome when you come across a hairstyle that works for any occasion.

13 Long Lazy Waves

Long Lazy WavesVia Hair Styles

These waves are even more lax, but it's that laid-back look that makes them so glamorous. This is vintage chic at its best.

14 Vintage Chignon

Vintage ChignonVia Wedding Hair Inspiration & Tutorials: ...

Not all retro looks are worn down. An elegant vintage updo is ideal for formal functions, like weddings, dances, and cocktail parties.

15 Short Retro 'do

Short Retro 'doVia

This is a really gorgeous mix of retro and modern, don't you think? It's fun and flippy and casually sexy.

16 Red Red Retro

Red Red RetroVia Rockabilly Hairstyles

This mixes modern color with a vintage aesthetic, and it is stunning! It just proves that bold hair colors look gorgeous with bygone fashions.

17 V for Victory

V for VictoryVia Everyday Wedding – Daniel & ...

And V for va-va-voom, too! This is pinup perfection, and while it's perfect for a bride, it's just as great for a night spent swing dancing!

18 Short Sweet Curls

Short Sweet CurlsVia Ride the Wave: The Best ...

Mad Men is filled with fantastic vintage style inspiration – on and off the set. How fierce are these beautiful, bouncy curls?

19 Gorgeous, Glamorous Updo

Gorgeous, Glamorous UpdoVia the 40's updo

This 'do is so intricate and elegant, I can't even stand it. Where would you try this style?

20 Vintage Ombre

Vintage OmbreVia Auburn to Red Pink Retro ...

There's nothing not awesome about this look, from the color fade to the sculpted waves. Think about how this would look with blue, purple, or pastels as well!

21 Bang Bang Bang

Bang Bang BangVia Vintage Hairstyles & Retro Hair ...

Lots of luscious retro looks have bangs, and this is an exquisite example. Look at how perfect these bangs and victory rolls look – that's hairdo dedication!

22 The Rita Hayworth Redemption

The Rita Hayworth RedemptionVia How to Dress Like a ...

This is such a Rita Hayworth-esque look. That color is especially stunning, but you don't have to be a redhead to channel this kind of glam.

23 Elegant Curls

Elegant CurlsVia Project Wedding Photos - Project ...

Reese Witherspoon is another starlet who looks amazing when she goes vintage. These long, fat curls are flawless, and ideal for dressy events.

24 Amanda Seyfried's Retro Hairstyle

Amanda Seyfried's Retro HairstyleVia 130,740 Beauty, Fashion and Hair ...

Ditto Amanda, who looks like an actress from a bygone era with these long locks. Believe it or not, this look is incredibly easy to recreate.

25 Fab '40s Hair

Fab '40s HairVia

Not quite a victory roll but almost, you could actually try this look when you're in a hurry. The key is getting the flip just right.

26 Sculpted Tresses

Sculpted TressesVia Retro Hairstyle

Perfectly sculpted curls are hallmarks of many retro hairstyles. You might need a lot of spray, but isn't it worth it?

27 Flippy Curls

Flippy CurlsVia My bridal look – what ...

This look, however, mixes the flawless look with a few flips. The combination is absolutely charming.

28 Tuck and Roll

Tuck and RollVia Retro Hairstyle

From the tuck in the back to the rolls in the front, this is all on-point. And if you're going to mimic it, definitely try it with that fierce red lip, too!

29 Ribbons and Bumps

Ribbons and BumpsVia Cool Chic Style Fashion: { ...

Mod is a retro look too, you know. Keep it messy for a little sex appeal, and don't forget the bow!

30 '60s Retro Hairstyle

'60s Retro HairstyleVia 60s Retro Hairstyles - IKnowHair.Com

The '60s thrived on volume, in fact, so a simple bump will do you well. If you're not ready to go full-out mod, feel free to pull a few wisps, or make the most of some side-swept bangs.

31 '60s Sky-High Hair

'60s Sky-High HairVia 60s Retro Hairstyles - IKnowHair.Com

However, you can always go a little Bardot. Think long, thick, lots of volume, and some seriously luscious waves.

32 Subtle Finger Waves

Subtle Finger WavesVia Retro Glam

Finger waves will always serve you well when you're going retro. There's something so adorably 1920s about this, but make sure you include pearls.

33 Perfect Pony

Perfect PonyVia Stylish Retro Hairstyles

And don't start thinking you can't possibly wear a ponytail when you're going for a retro look. You just have to pump it up a little.

There are so many different retro styles, it's just a matter of finding what works for you. Do you love the vintage look, or are you more into modern styles?

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