27 Incredible Hair Looks by Katy Perry ...


It seems like Katy Perry is always changing up her look with different hair color, makeup and of course her unforgettable sense of style. I thought it'd be fun to look though some of her hair history and look at all the different hues and hairstyles worn by Katy Perry!

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Purple and Blue Ponytail

Purple and Blue Ponytail Via Ooh—Hair Color Chameleons
Katy Perry is the queen of color! Her hair is so bright and vibrant, just like her!


Old Hollywood Glam

Old Hollywood Glam Via Katy Perry: A History of ...
I love the soft waves and the rich color!


Punk Updo

Punk Updo Via Katy Perry gets some support ...
Is there a hair color that doesn't look fabulous on this woman?!


Purple Ombre

Purple Ombre Via Curl Up and Dye
Such a pretty way to wear bright purple.


Long, Dark Waves

Long, Dark Waves Via Katy Perry's Hair: Goes Over ...
Katy goes back to black and wears soft, flowy waves.


Blue Asymmetrical Bob

Blue Asymmetrical Bob Via Katy Perry's Hair Evolution
Katy looks ravishing in a bright blue bob.



Roar Via Katy Perry : LET THE ...
Simple but still stunning.


Blunt Blue Bob

Blunt Blue Bob Via beautyeditor.ca
This blue 'do has a bit of green to it nonetheless it still looks flawless on the singer.


Rockabilly Pink

Rockabilly Pink Via Katy Perry: A History of ...
I want to know how Katy keeps her hair looking so healthy after dying her hair all these times! It looks so healthy and shiny!


Ginger Snap

Ginger Snap Via Katy Perry's Hair Evolution
Apparently, Katy accidentally achieved this coppery hue from going from black to a lighter hair color.


Peek-a-boo Highlights

Peek-a-boo Highlights Via Moje zdjęcia - Love it, ...
Katy can't stay away from color for too long!


Green Goddess

Green Goddess Wowza! Katy is rocking the heck outta this green hair!



Firework Via amazon.com
This is one of my favorite KP looks. I love the shade of purple/pink and how it mixes so well with the rest of her hair.


Blue Updo

Blue Updo Via Katy Perry on Fame, Friendship, ...
The color of her hair is great, but I am loving the funky updo more!


Pink and Blonde Bob

Pink and Blonde Bob Via Get Katy Perry’s New Hair ...
Katy looks great as a blond and her cotton candy hued highlights are everything!


Braided Crown

Braided Crown Via 15 Celebrity-Inspired Wedding Braids
A braided crown with gold weaved in is so pretty.


Long and Dark

Long and Dark Via Katy Perry's Astro Reading
It looks like Katy has a mix of dark purple and black here in her Elle editorial. Whatever is it, it works !


Purple Ponytail

Purple Ponytail Via Purple Hair
A luscious shade of purple.


Retro Pink

Retro Pink Via Hair - Steal Style Vintage ...
I just can't decide which I like better, the hair color or the style. I love the retro look on her!


Short Fringed Bob

Short Fringed Bob Via Celebrity Fashion, Star Style & ...
Although I love all of Katy's hair colors, I think she looks fab with black hair, too.


Layered Locks

Layered Locks Via couldn't care less..
This look is so pretty. The simple hair and makeup is so flattering!


Perfectly Purple

Perfectly Purple Via Hair Chalk <3
Katy has had quite a few purple looks and this one is just as pretty.


Bleached Brows and Baby Hairs

Bleached Brows and Baby Hairs Via Style | Trends
Do you remember this selfie that KP posted on Insta?


Retro Raven Hair

Retro Raven Hair Via Peinados retros: 80 cortes de ...
Another super fabulous retro look!


Deep Purple Curls

Deep Purple Curls Via HUGE Hair News: Olivia Wilde ...
I think this is the 4th purple look! The loose curls are so pretty and her little flower crown goes perfectly.


Golden Girl

Golden Girl Via 130,740 Beauty, Fashion and Hair ...
I don't know if this is considered ombre, but I like the deeper color on the bottom.


"Slime Green" Dip Dye

"Slime Green" Dip Dye Via blowltd.com
What do you think of the dip dyed look?

What do you think Katy will do next? I love that she likes to have fun with her hair and isn't afraid to take risks! Do you have a favorite Katy Perry look?

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she looks good with all those hair colors :0

21 though 0.0 I love it!

Long hair + bangs! Nothing can beat it!

I love her hair when it's black and natural but purples and pinks work really well for her!

Beautiful look at #1 & 3

Short hair definitely suits her. She looks good with any hair color or style

Roar because it makes her eyes stand out 😜😜

she looks weird in 6 and 8, also short hair does not suit her.

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