8 Fantastic Celebrity Inspired Hairstyles ...

By Jelena

8 Fantastic Celebrity Inspired Hairstyles ...

Celebrity inspired hairstyles are always a nice, budget friendly way to look and feel like a Hollywood diva! And if you think that having celebrity hair is impossible without a celebrity hair stylist, you’re in for a big surprise! So check out these great celebrity inspired hairstyle tutorials and have fun re-creating some of your favorite red carpet looks!

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J.Lo Inspired Classy Bun

If you’re a fan of the popular actress slash singer and love her polished, classy up-dos, you’ll definitely want to check out the first of many interesting celebrity inspired hairstyles I have to show you today! The bun itself is actually a piece of cake but looks very glamorous which makes it perfect for all of you ladies in need of a nice, elegant hairstyle that’s also hassle free and can be done in under 10 minutes.


Kim Kardashian Rock Star Braid

Speaking about celebrity hair, you can love or hate Kim but you can’t deny the fact that she’s got the best hair in Hollywood! Okay, maybe not THE best, but she’s definitely in the top 10! And since I know for a fact that her gorgeous locks have inspired many to grow their own, here’s a nice tutorial to help style them the way Kim does!


Alicia Keys Braided Mohawk

This gorgeous, extremely talented lady has really managed to pick a perfect hairstyle to rock on AMAs! And if you thought this is one of those popular hairstyles that won’t be so easy to create at home, you’re in for a big surprise! So enjoy, dazzle everyone with your fierce new look and hope you have somebody to help you braid you hair quickly and achieve this awesome look in virtually no time!


Adele “Someone like You” Hair

Speaking about super hot celebrity inspired hairstyles – I’m sure some of you ladies would love a chance to rock Adele’s poufy, retro-ish look! Can’t blame you, of course, because I love it too and that’s why I just had to share this simple, yet very interesting tutorial on how to create that super- voluminous pouf and polish the look a bit for a perfect evening look!


Taylor Swift Celebrity Hair

Romantic, glamorous, sweet – this hairstyle right here is perfect for weddings and proms although I’m sure there are many occasions in which you could pull it off simply by exchanging this glitzy band for something less flashy. Definitely check it out and do let me know what do you think about this look!

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Multihued Rihanna Hairstyle

Now isn’t this an absolutely perfect way to add some color to your hair and experiment with Rihanna’s popular hairstyles without having to dye your own hair? I’d say it is! Love it and I think all of you short-haired beauties will love it as well! Check it out, give this look a go and don’t forget to comment!


Glamorous Red Carpet Look

From Hollywood’s golden divas to new age rising stars, this hairstyle has been present on the red carpet since… well, since they decided to call it “red carpet”! And I bet this is one of those celebrity inspired hairstyles you’ve always wanted to try! Well, here’s your chance to do so, so have fun creating this look, and, of course, enjoying all the attention it’s going to bring you.


Taylor Swift Curls

My last celebrity inspired hairstyle video for today is another popular Taylor Swift style – the curls! Now, don’t go “I don’t know which curls are you talking about” on me, because I’m sure you do! Even I know and, believe me, Taylor is the very last celebrity on my list of interests (no offense)! Her gorgeous curls are really a hairstyle to wear if you have long hair and here’s a tutorial to show you exactly how to use your tapered tip curling iron and achieve a perfect look!

Any other celebrity inspired hairstyles you’d like to see here? Do tell! I’m in need of some fresh ideas and I’d love to know which celebrity inspired hairstyle is your favorite.

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