7 Hat Styles to Say "YES" to This Fall ...


7 Hat Styles to Say "YES" to This Fall ...
7 Hat Styles to Say "YES" to This Fall ...

Hat styles have changed during the year, every season bringing something new…or advocating the return of a well known classic. Lady-like hats, crazy hats, big hats and small hats – We’ve pretty much seen them all! But which hat style has the biggest potential of being the perfect fit for you? Don’t keep yourself guessing for too long – check out these 2012 hat trends right now! The wheel of fashion keeps turning and who knows…you may have the season’s hottest item sitting in your closet, just waiting to be presented to the world!

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Fur Hats

Fur Hats From traditional yet extremely luxurious-looking Russian hats to whacked misshapen fur creations Marc Jacobs was bold enough to present – a fur hat is a definite must this season. Opt for an all-fur version in case you’re a bit on the classy side or choose an equally attention-demanding style that features fur accents. Search through your mom and grandma’s “treasure chests” or start thrifting if you’re in the market for an affordable (or better yet –free) real fur hat or purchase a cool looking faux fur version if you want to make a statement in both terms of fashion and animal protection.



Knits Now that we’ve mentioned moms and grandmas… you might want to think about getting one of them to knit a trendy hat for their favorite girl! Why not? Knitted hats in every shape and form are huge this season and the fact that even a classy brand such as Christian Dior chose this hat style to be shown on the runways really ought to mean something!



Caps From shiny leather and classy tweed to short faux fur and animal prints, caps are promising to become more than just head wear you can turn to whenever you’re dressing sporty. This interesting 2012 hat trend is promising to change everything we’ve ever known or thought we knew about caps, showing us the glamorous, trendy and, for some, even work appropriate side no one could even guess they have!


Decorative Hats

Decorative Hats I know, I know…all hats styles are basically decorative hats these days! But I’m talking about something way more specific, totally lady-like and incredibly chic! Yup, you’ve guessed it – a 1920’s hit, a cloche hat is back in the game! Now that’s something a classy gal should have and yes…I could see how this could be both special occasion a work-appropriate head wear. What do you say?



Fedoras Oh la la! Now here’s one 2012 hat trend you can enjoy even if you’re not a total girly-girl or a bold fashionista able to rock even the most unusual pieces of fashion! A Fedora hat doesn’t need a lot of introduction, I believe, so rock it, love it and wear it as much as you can!


Cowboy Hats

Cowboy Hats Flashy and almost costume-like… what else could we expect from Moschino! Not sure whether the cowboy hat would be a right fit for me but hey…if you love this hat style now would be a perfect time to wear it!


Unusual Hats

Unusual Hats But wait, these mentioned above are hardly the only hat styles you can take your pick amongst this season! In fact, this season, like all others before it, still leaves a lot of room for creativity. You can opt for a totally unusual statement hat that looks nothing like the styles shown above, continue to explore the history of hats and experiment with gaucho style head wear and even top hats or design your very own hat combining trendy details, favorite fabrics and most flattering styles.

Which one of these hat styles are you planning to wear this season? And, oh, what do you have to say about the 2012 hat trends? I’m giving the return of big, Russian fur hats a thumbs up yet don’t think I’ll ever be able to love Marc Jacobs to a point where I’d actually consider wearing his unusual furry head wear.

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