7 Gorgeous Hair Tutorials ...


7 Gorgeous Hair Tutorials ...
7 Gorgeous Hair Tutorials ...

I love trying new styles with my hair, so I always turn to hair tutorials on YouTube for things I would’ve never thought of on my own. There are so many amazing gurus who will show you how to do these beautiful styles, that seem so complex, but are really quite easy. Here’s a list of few hair tutorials to try out, just in time for spring!

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Soft Romantic Curls

My favorite hair tutorials are the ones for curls. This tutorial teaches you how to achieve a really soft curl that will complement any facial structure or hair length. It works better with long hair, but even mid to short hair will look stunning with these flowing curls.


Upside down Twisted up-do

This amazing up-do looks so intricate, but in reality all it takes is some rubber hair ties and five minutes! This is perfect for a date or a night out with the girls, as it’s classy and nicely done, but still fairly casual.


Corset Hair

This is a very cool, very chic braid-esque hair style that is perfect for when your hair needs to look nice but you don’t have a lot of time. I haven’t seen any girls wearing anything like this, so you’ll be unique wherever you wear this look!


Mermaid Tail Braid

Okay, I know, this braid LOOKS complicated, but it’s not! The YouTube-r Bebexo explains it so well, and within a few minutes, you’ll have an amazing looking braid that will absolutely catch the eye of everyone around you! I really like all of Bebexo's hair tutortials... check them out!


Hair Twist

It honestly does not get any easier than this. Twist, pin, and repeat! You do that a few times on each side and the end product is hair that looks perfectly styled… in only about two minutes! What more could we ask for?


Knot Bun

This bun is extremely easy to do in the morning when you’re too tired to put much effort into your hair, or you just want it out of your face but you still want to look good. I love wearing this knot bun!


Vintage Curls

I’m throwing this tutorial in because I adore vintage looks, and these curls are the epitome of beauty. It takes longer to do, but the finished product is a head of sexy curls that’ll have guys double taking when you pass by.

What did you think of these hair tutorials? Which ones would you like to try? What other hair styles would you like to see? Or do you have any other hair tutorials you'd like to share? Please do!

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Sweet, thank you!!

@Samantha p.s it's a hair styler curling wand

I'm really loving the soft curls, but my hair WILL NOT hold a curl. Does anyone have any advice to keep a good curl? It seems I've tried everything.

Nothing for short hair?

I love all of these! Are there any good ones for short hair?

My hair is so long that it has a hard time curling, what do I do? The only way I can get the curls to stay is if I braid it the night before

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