7 Beautiful Hair Jewelry to Update Your Hairdo with ...


7 Beautiful Hair Jewelry to Update Your Hairdo with ...
7 Beautiful Hair Jewelry to Update Your Hairdo with ...

Update your hairdo this season with some beautiful hair jewelry. A bit of hair bling is a great way to add some glamour to your everyday look. It could be as subtle as a few rhinestone hair pins or something more statement making like a fully bejewelled headpiece. If you’re keen to accessorise your hairdo then check out these pieces of beautiful hair jewelry.

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Jewel and Chain Hair Combs

Jewel and Chain Hair Combs Adding some beautiful hair jewelry to your ‘do is a unique way of accessorising. I’ve seen a few of these jewel hair combs doing the rounds and they look like a stylish way of sprucing up a hairdo. These particular jewelled hair combs are from ASOS and cost around $30. Wear them with your hair up and place them around your up-do to really show off the jewel and chain details.


Rhinestone Hair Pins

Rhinestone Hair Pins Sometimes hair jewelry can be as simple as a set of hair pins. Look out for bejewelled hair pins that will add that extra bit of sparkle to your hairdo. You can find plenty of stylish hair pins on a budget, like these dainty ones from Forever 21 for $2.80. These slide pins feature rhinestone accents in different shapes and colours. They’re perfect for pinning back a fringe or jazzing up a low chignon.


Gem Headband

Gem Headband Headbands come in and out of fashion depending on the season, and right now we’re seeing a trend towards over the top, embellished designs. Add a decadent touch to your outfit with a headband like this one that has an embellished drop design with gemstone detailing. While the real deal will set you back a pretty penny, you can find budget buys like this headband from ASOS for around $20.


Filigree Hair Elastic

Filigree Hair Elastic Metallic hair cuffs are a great way to update a basic ponytail. Choose one with an ornate pattern for a unique touch. This hair elastic from Forever 21 features a curved medallion with a vintage-inspired filigree pattern. For $2.80, it’s an easy and cheap way to update your everyday hairdo.


Vine Tikka

Vine Tikka Let your hair jewelry shine front and centre with this pretty tikka from ASOS. It comes in a silver tone finish and features an embellished rhinestone drop. Simply clip it into your hair around the fringe and let the jewelled drop sit centred on your forehead. It would be a great way to update your usual party look.


Jewel Hair Brooch

Jewel Hair Brooch A jewel hair brooch is a simple yet effective way to add some glamour to your hairdo. This season go for heavy jewelled designs for maximum impact. This particular jewel hair brooch from ASOS will cost you around $14. It features faceted stone embellishments and a hair slide fastening. Wear your hair out and secure the brooch on one side for an effortlessly chic look.


Swarovski Crystal Headpiece

Swarovski Crystal Headpiece Jewelled headpieces and chains are pretty popular at the moment. They’re great for working an eclectic, bohemian-inspired look. Simply slip a headpiece on top of your hairdo for maximum impact. While this Jennifer Behr piece will set you back a whopping $400, you can find similar headpieces on a budget at stores like Urban Outfitters and Modcloth.

These are a few pieces of hair bling that will instantly update your ‘do. What’s your favourite way to update your hairdo? Which of these hair accessories do you like best?

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