9 Pretty Hair Ideas for a Fresh Spring Look ...

Spring is on its way (believe it or not), so it’s a great time to start practicing some pretty hair ideas to ensure you look fresh and gorgeous when the sun starts to shine. YouTube is a great place to find loads of pretty hair ideas and tutorials, most of which are easy to achieve yourself at home (although you may want to rope in a friend to help you for some of them!). Here are some of my favorite hair looks for spring.

1. French Fishtail Braids

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If you have medium length hair like me, some of the hair tutorials online might not work with your hair length. The good news is that there are plenty of pretty hair ideas designed for medium length hair, and this video shows you how to create two styles of French fishtail braids – one for an everyday look and one that’s ideal for special occasions, such as a wedding or night out. I’ve tried these myself and although they’re quite tricky, the end result is well worth the effort!

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