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Spring is on its way (believe it or not), so it’s a great time to start practicing some pretty hair ideas to ensure you look fresh and gorgeous when the sun starts to shine. YouTube is a great place to find loads of pretty hair ideas and tutorials, most of which are easy to achieve yourself at home (although you may want to rope in a friend to help you for some of them!). Here are some of my favorite hair looks for spring.

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French Fishtail Braids

If you have medium length hair like me, some of the hair tutorials online might not work with your hair length. The good news is that there are plenty of pretty hair ideas designed for medium length hair, and this video shows you how to create two styles of French fishtail braids – one for an everyday look and one that’s ideal for special occasions, such as a wedding or night out. I’ve tried these myself and although they’re quite tricky, the end result is well worth the effort!


Waterfall Twists into Mermaid Braid

This hairstyle is great for kids but works just as well for adults too – if you have long hair and are looking for a romantic look, this is perfect. I love the end result and it would be so pretty on anyone with long, flowing locks. Unfortunately my hair is just too short for this one, but I’ll share it with you guys and hope you enjoy it!


Beautiful Waterfall Twist

This is a simpler version of the above hairstyle that looks just as cute but takes a lot less time and effort. Again, you’ll probably want fairly long hair to make this work, as with my medium length layers it’s hard to achieve. Once it’s completed though, the result is stunning!


Running Late Hairstyles

We all have those mornings where we’re running SO late for work or school. This video has a few great yet simple ideas for pretty hairstyles when time is at a minimum. This is my go-to video if I’m looking for a quick idea that won’t take long to achieve!


Corset Hair

It might sound complicated, but the ‘corset’ hairstyle can be easily achieved with a few grips and a bit of hairspray. The trick is using a mirror so that you can see the back of your head easily, and ensure you tuck the grips well into the hair so that they’re not visible. Oh, and also make sure you use the right grips that are demonstrated in the window, as regular bobby pins don’t work as well!


Crochet Stitch up-do

Every girl needs a good up-do for special occasions such as spring weddings and parties – this is one of my favorites. It’s quite tricky to achieve without help, so this might be one you’ll need a friend for, but if you have long(ish) hair then you can create a romantic look. Accessorize with a gorgeous flower clip for a beautiful style.


Vintage Wave

Just because you’re rocking a short bob doesn’t mean you can’t try out some of the prettiest hairstyles this spring. Vintage hairstyles are all over the catwalk and this vintage wave style is absolutely to die for – it’s adorable!


Three in One

This video features three easy to achieve, cute hairstyles that are perfect for spring – the inverted braid, messy side bun and rocking waves. All are romantic and low maintenance so you can get outside and make the most of the sun before it’s gone!


Greek Goddess

Who wouldn’t want to look as gorgeous as a Greek Goddess this spring? If you’ve got long hair (or you can use clip-in extensions) then you’ll be able to achieve this pretty look. It’s romantic yet a little bit different from the usual braided looks.

So there you have it – 9 pretty ideas to create a gorgeous look this spring, so now all you need to do is start shopping for your spring/summer wardrobe! I’m growing my hair out at the moment and it’s at the in-between stage, so I’m always on the lookout for medium length hair tutorials; perhaps you could share some of your favorites with me?

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