7 Gorgeous Hairstyles for 2015 ...


7 Gorgeous Hairstyles for 2015 ...
7 Gorgeous Hairstyles for 2015 ...

I’m already looking at hairstyles for 2015. There’s nothing that changes up your look more than a fresh new style, and a new colour too, if you feel like it! I’m pretty sure I’ll be seeing in the New Year with new red locks, but if you haven’t decided on your shortlist of hairstyles for 2015, here’s the ones you should be considering!

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The Ladylike Bob

The Ladylike Bob Sienna Miller glammed up her bob for a film photocall, and it looks amazing. From the tousled top to the full-bodied curls, she looks every inch the polished lady. It looks amazing with toned down make-up, like Sienna’s rocking here, or with a more dramatic look (like a smokey eye). Definitely one of THE hairstyles for 2015.


The Plait

The Plait I can’t remember who bought plaits back onto the scene (Katniss, maybe?), but everyone from Taylor Swift to Poppy Delevingne has rocked them since. You don’t need to do much to your hair to wear this look, but I love the layered fringe which is ideal for framing faces, and adds some interest.



Roots Whether it’s because she’s pregnant or because she’s a trend-setter, Blake Lively has been wearing her roots dark for a few weeks now. It’s like a fresh new take on ombre, and it looks gorgeous. The trick is to ensure that your hair looks clean and soft, and to go for an elegant hairdo, so you look more chic than lazy!


Slicked Back

Slicked Back Want to wear hair a la Mollie King? Keep it long, and banish any split ends to the hair salon floor. Brush it all out, and then slick back using plenty of wet-look gel. You’ll probably need hairspray and serum to keep in place, before finishing with a bright lip, or a dramatic retro eye. Simply gorgeous.


The Mid-Bob

The Mid-Bob Alexa Chung looks super cute with her mid-length bob (a mob?), especially with this side parting. It gives the look a new element, and that swept-over fringe is right on trend. Ditch your straighteners to really own this look, and adopt a tousled, freestyle finish instead.


Sharp and Straight

Sharp and Straight Yep, this hairstyle is set to make a big comeback in 2015. The benefits are clear – it suits most faces, it’s really easy to look after, and it looks nice without much effort. I love it with a bold lip, too! To give it a fresher look, try adding some volumizing wax, or blowing some tousles in with a hairdyer. Opt for imperfect and natural over big, perfect curls, for the ideal finish.


The Layered Bob

The Layered Bob Emma Watson looks utterly gorgeous here, modeling one of the best hairstyles for 2015. It’s short, and easy to look after. It’s layered, it’s interesting and its edgy. More to the point, it’ll suit pretty much anyone, and it’s so very now. Fancy a bigger change? Try adding a touch of ombre to the look, or opting for a chocolate-y brunette dye. Dreamy.

Looking through these hairstyles for 2015 is making me want to change mine up now! One thing is for certain – 2015 won’t be just about one length or style. Whether it’s poker straight, ringlets or tousles, there will be something for every style and taste. Which hairstyles for 2015 would you love to wear?

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@hannah - just click on the pics and you can see them in normal size

She looks like she has bed head. Why would anyone thing this look is classy. It is the worse look ever.

I just recently cut my hair into a chin length bob that is about 2" longer on the very front section of one side. I don't love it straight, but when I curl it, it's super cute. My hubby who isn't fond of short hair and wasn't happy when I originally walked out of the bathroom with 9" of hair missing, says he actually loves it, and it really suits me! All I was thinking was "dodged a bullet there!" No wife wants to think their hubby isn't loving their look. And believe me, I've been there, seeing as I have an extremely honest husband! Lol!

Bobs and roots are big for 2015. By roots, having them done professionally at a salon so they look fresh& modern and not trashy!!

the new update makes it really hard to see the pictures 😩

Slick back? Totally not for me! My forehead will look even bigger lol. Cute post.

These new bob head styles are just terrible.

Very boring hairstyles

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