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Super Styles for Looking Fabulous Right after a Swim ...

By Alison

In the hot summer days, or when you fancy some exercise, you might think of heading to the pool. But when you're fresh out of the pool, your hair can be a bit unruly as it dries, so you'll want a simple style. Here are some post swim hairstyles you and your hair will love …

1 Loose and Wavy

swimwear, undergarment, swimming pool, black hair, girl,If you have naturally wavy hair, you don't want it to go frizzy as it dries. No fear! All you need to do is scrunch your hair, apply some styling gel, and then leave it to dry naturally. If you touch it as it's drying, you'll get the dreaded frizz, so hands off! You'll end up with lovely loose waves.

2 French Braid

hair, hairstyle, shoulder, long hair, neck,If you want to get your hair out of the way while it dries, weave it into a French braid. There are loads of tutorials to show you how, and it won't take you long to master the art. Vary your French braid by plaiting your hair down the sides or into a braided bun. Bonus: when you unplait your hair it'll be beautifully wavy - perfect for the evening if you're on vacation!


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3 Wrapped Ponytail

beauty, human hair color, gown, leg, lady,A wrapped ponytail is quick and easy. All you need to do is pull your hair back into a loose ponytail and fix with a band. Then wrap a strand round the band to hide it and fix in place with a couple of grips. This manages to look both casual and smart, and would be ideal if you've been swimming in your lunch break.

4 Messy Twisted Bun

mammal,swimming pool,vacation,sea,swimming,If you don't want to spend too much time trying to style your hair after a swim, go for a messy twisted bun. You don't need to be too precise with this one and worry about tucking all the strands in. The messier it looks, the better! It's the perfect style if your hair just refuses to behave after your swim.

5 Ballerina Bun

leg, beauty, thigh, black hair, sitting,If you prefer a smoother look, go for the classic ballerina bun. You'll need to add some product before fixing your hair in place, so that it's smooth enough to style. Have some hair grips in your bag to take care of any loose strays, or keep them out of your face with a stylish headband or scarf.

6 Mini Buns

eyewear, hair, hairstyle, vision care, glasses,This is a really cute style for younger women and girls. Divide your hair into two if you want higher buns, twist each section, then fix in place. If you want lower buns, your could section your hair into three. If you want to decorate your buns, use some flower grips for added interest.

7 Shorter Hair

hair, eyebrow, human hair color, hairstyle, chin,But what can you do if you have shorter hair that's not long enough to put in a braid or ponytail? Your best bet is to go for the scrunch option. Run a little product through your hair, then scrunch your fingers through your hair. You should end up with a relaxed, slightly wavy look. Alternatively use a wide headband to keep your hair in place and add some interest to your style.

None of these styles will take long to do, and will help keep your hair looking good after the challenges of the pool. What type of hair do you have, and what's your biggest hair problem?

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