Fall Hair Ideas from Celeb Stylists ...


Ready to receive some fashion advice from Kendall Jenner and Chrissy Teigen's favorite stylist? Her name is Jen Atkin, and she has a few fabulous ideas for how you should wear your hair this fall. The information comes straight from Glamour.com, which always has the best advice for all of us trendy women! Here we go:

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Statement Accessories

Statement Accessories


Blunt Cuts

Blunt Cuts


Easy Waves

Easy Waves


Undone Buns

Undone Buns


Low Ponies

Low Ponies These ideas should get you excited for fall! Which one of these trends is your favorite?

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I love how the Kardashians keep their hair slicked back, so neat and sexy for work and or going out!

I love them all!!

I think they are awesome too

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