Hair Inspiration for Days You Want to Wear It down ...


You see tons of inspiration for wearing your hair up, but it's not as easy to find looks for when you want to let your hair hang down, loose and flowing. To help you out on those days, I've gathered these photos that will help you create a look that you'll love without much fuss. Check these out!

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Jazz Things up with Curls

Jazz Things up with Curls Some curls at the end makes a down look just about perfect!


With Some Flair

With Some Flair A bit of hair pulled back still gives you the down look you want.


Totally Sleek

Totally Sleek She's got it right, doesn't she?


Just a Bit of Wave

Just a Bit of Wave A tiny bit of wave in your hair gives it just the right amount of style.


A Tiny Braid

A Tiny Braid Put a tiny braid at the top of your head to keep it out of your head.


A Waterfall Braid

A Waterfall Braid Give a down look some style with a braid like this one.


Make It Colorful

Make It Colorful If you're going to wear your hair down, make it colorful for some fun.


Totally Glam

Totally Glam There's nothing not to love about this look.


A Braid and Curls

A Braid and Curls Here's a great way to wear your hair down with some style.


Held Back with a Braid

Held Back with a Braid Down, but still braided? Perfect!


Simple Side Part

Simple Side Part Parting your hair on the side looks glam, but is so simple to do.


Middle Part with Waves

Middle Part with Waves Wouldn't you love to have your hair look like this?


Long and Shiny

Long and Shiny Take good care of your hair and it will always look this fabulous when you wear it down.


With Bangs

With Bangs Bangs look great with a down style. Don't you think?


Vintage Style

Vintage Style This old timey look is perfect for day or night.


Perfect for Anything

Perfect for Anything This look would be great for any occasion.


Rock and Roll Glam

Rock and Roll Glam A long and loose down style is great for a night out on the town.


With a Headband

With a Headband Do you love this as much as I do?


Lots of Volume

Lots of Volume When you wear your hair down, lots of volume is a must!


For Short Hair

For Short Hair Here's a marvelous way to wear short hair down. Love it?


Totally Sophisticated

Totally Sophisticated How could this get any better?

How often do you wear your hair down? Which of these ideas is your favorite?

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I really like the waterfall braid😻

These are cute!

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