How Stylists Create Sand Art Hair ...


If you can't decide on a color to dye your hair, why not use every color you can think of? If you ask your stylist for sand art hair, then you'll have an entire rainbow on your head. According to Harper's Bazaar, here's how the process is completed:

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Section the Hair

Section the Hair First, the hair is separated into triangular sections.


Apply the Dye

Apply the Dye Next, they apply the colors. They "started with six main colors—pink, blue, yellow-green, a bluish-purple, violet, and a pastel purple-gray."


Let the Color Set in

Let the Color Set in After the color is in, you'll need to sit for 30 minutes.


Blow out the Hair

Blow out the Hair Now, it's time to finally let your hair dry so you can see the results.


Create Curls

Create Curls If you like your look, you can amp it up by creating Hollywood styled curls.

Would you ever get your hair done in this drastic way?

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Love it. Too bad it doesn't last very long


Wow love the creativity! If I were to ever do it it would be great to do hubris and have many unique and different hairstyles to go with it. It wouldn't be something I'm against trying sometime

This looks so cool

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