11 Hairstyles Inspired by Beautiful Artwork ...

By Heather

I love new hairstyles and I love all of the new colors out there. Mermaid hair, unicorn hair, galaxy hair – all of it! Have you heard of one of the latest hair trends: classic art hair? Love it! So different and refreshing!

1 Starry Night

Table of contents:

  1. pretttty fire
  2. andy warhol
  3. ballerina!
  4. the scream
  5. work of art!
  6. so perfect
  7. pearl earring
  8. walking in the rain
  9. pop art
  10. comic book art
  11. up, up, up!

2 Pretttty Fire

3 Andy Warhol

4 Ballerina!

5 The Scream

6 Work of Art!

7 So Perfect

8 Pearl Earring

9 Walking in the Rain

10 Pop Art

11 Comic Book Art

12 Up, up, up!

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