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Ponytail Inspos for Girls Short on Extra Time ...

By Eliza

When time is tight, tossing your hair up into a ponytail is an easy style that gets you out the door. That doesn't mean that your have to be stuck with a boring look because there are lots of fun ways to wear a ponytail. Use these great pictures to inspire your mornings, even if you're short on time.

1 Add a Cute Bow

2 Give It a Little Curl

3 Braided on Top

4 Make It Wavy

5 Wrap Your Hair around the Band

6 Leave Some Bangs down

7 Wear a Cute Accessory

8 Side Part

9 Braided into a Ponytail

10 Wear It High on Your Head

11 Put a Braid in It

12 Wrapped up

13 Colorful Ponytail

14 Totally Sleek

15 Simple but Stylish

16 Perfect Bangs

17 Side Ponytail

18 Keeping It Casual

19 Side Ponytail with Flowers

20 Half Ponytail

21 Topped with a Ball Cap

Which ponytail do you like the best?

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