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Flattering Hairstyles for the round Faced Girls of the World ...

By Lucy

Calling all ladies with round shaped faces out there! Here we have listed our top picks for hairstyles that are going to be the most flattering and best suited to you! From soft waves, layers, fringes and bobs, we have plenty of different hairstyles you can try out for yourself!

Keep reading to discover the most flattering hairstyles for the round faced girls of the world!

1 Soft Waves

One hairstyle that is guaranteed to give your hair texture, volume and interest is one of soft waves, almost with a tousled look to it. This style works particularly well with medium to short hair.

2 Long Fringe

If you have a fringe or 'bangs' that have grown out, this hairstyle will be particularly easy for you to rock! It's basically just about having long hair with a long fringe to match. Both of these combined will add length to a naturally round face.


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3 Long Layers

Long layers are ideal for naturally round face shapes as they will lengthen your features as well as balance the face. This, paired with a side swept fringe, is one of the best hair combinations out there for ladies with round faces!

3 Tousled Hair

Another great hairstyle to try involving layers! Try to avoid short crops or extra long length without layers, as this will enhance the roundness. An effortless, tousled look will give your hair plenty of volume and will also lengthen your face.

5 Side Swept Bangs

Side swept bangs or fringes are a fab hairstyle that will work wonders for women with round faces. This particular hairstyle will draw attention to your eyes, plus the angled fringe will reduce the natural roundness of the face.

6 Long Bob

For round faces it's often worthwhile having hair that is of a medium length, or at least a bit longer than your face, as this will create the illusion that it's slightly longer than your face naturally is.

7 A-line Bob

hair, face, nose, blond, beauty,How to Create a DIY A-line Bob cut

Round faces lack sharpness and an angular look that other shaped faces naturally have, such as heart and square. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it does mean that you're best suited to hairstyles will create the illusion of these angles, which is why an A-line bob might be worth trying.

Which hairstyles mentioned above do you like the best?

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