The Best Hairstyle for Your Face Shape ...


The Best Hairstyle for Your Face Shape ...
The Best Hairstyle for Your Face Shape ...

Want to know the best hairstyle for your face shape? We've all heard about picking a hairstyle or makeup technique based on face shape. Have you ever experienced a terrible haircut that doesn't match your look? You are not alone. Every person has one of six face shapes: oval, circle, rectangle, heart (v shape), diamond or square. Once you know what your face shape is, here are examples of haircuts for you. And once you know the best hairstyle for your face shape, you'll always love what you see in the mirror.

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This is the most desired face shape in the beauty industry. Actually, any hairstyle works for an oval-shaped face. For the best look you should go for one of the following something with medium length, light waves or a bob.



Got a round face? If yes, you should try to make it look longer. Don't cut your hair shorter than the level of your chin. Are you ready to finally find your ideal haircut? Try a long straight look, a long fringe or a long wavy ponytail.



A rectangular face has a defined chin and cheekbones. You don’t want to add extra height or length to your face. Here are three hairstyles that work best for this kind of face: long hair with fringe, medium waves with fringe or a bob with fringe.



A V-shaped face is defined by a distinctive chin. The beauty of your heart reflected on your face. Try the following hairstyles to draw more attention to your cheeks and eyes. Something that is medium length and flowing, medium length with curls or a side ponytail.



If you have a diamond-shaped face, it's a good idea to soften straight lines. Try a medium style with a side part, a thick fringe with waves or a pixie cut.



You need to soften sharp corners to make your face look rounder if it's square shaped. Some great choices are multiple layers, long curls or short sideways fringe.

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