The Best IG Hair Tutorials to Broaden Your Styling Routine ...

By Lisa

The Best IG Hair Tutorials to Broaden Your Styling Routine ...

Ready to see some epic hair hacks and tutorials? @farahdhukai has the best IG hair tutorials and we rounded them all up just for you. We're willing to bet that you'll find at least a couple of useful tips and tricks in these videos that you can use in your beauty routine. Get ready, beauty school is in session!

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1 The Very Best Hair and Face Mask

2 Fight Hair Fallout Herbal Tea Rinse

Explore the varied history of fashion through the lens of hair as a key component of personal style on our platform. Wonder about the transformation of women's hair styles throughout the years? Visit the link for a stunning visual journey showcasing the evolution of hairstyles that helped shape our modern trends.

3 Mayo Hair Mask

4 Ginger Hair Regrowth Treatment

5 Braided Bun Tutorial

6 Listerine Dandruff Spray

7 Papaya Deep Conditioner

8 Scalp Mask for Gorgeous Hair

9 Blowout How-to

10 Cut Your Own Layers!

11 Glitter Roots!!

12 Braided Half-up Hairdo

13 Double Braids

14 Boxer Braids

15 French Braids

16 Side Braids

17 Silky Hair Deep Conditioner

18 Voluminous Half up Hairdo

19 2 Side Braids

20 Double Side Braids

21 Half Braided, Half Curled

22 Twisted Bun

23 Bouncy Beach Waves

24 Romantic Waves

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