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The Best IG Hair Tutorials to Broaden Your Styling Routine ...

By Lisa

Ready to see some epic hair hacks and tutorials? @farahdhukai has the best IG hair tutorials and we rounded them all up just for you. We're willing to bet that you'll find at least a couple of useful tips and tricks in these videos that you can use in your beauty routine. Get ready, beauty school is in session!

1 The Very Best Hair and Face Mask

2 Fight Hair Fallout Herbal Tea Rinse


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3 Mayo Hair Mask

4 Ginger Hair Regrowth Treatment

5 Braided Bun Tutorial

6 Listerine Dandruff Spray

7 Papaya Deep Conditioner

8 Scalp Mask for Gorgeous Hair

9 Blowout How-to

10 Cut Your Own Layers!

11 Glitter Roots!!

12 Braided Half-up Hairdo

13 Double Braids

14 Boxer Braids

15 French Braids

16 Side Braids

17 Silky Hair Deep Conditioner

18 Voluminous Half up Hairdo

19 2 Side Braids

20 Double Side Braids

21 Half Braided, Half Curled

22 Twisted Bun

23 Bouncy Beach Waves

24 Romantic Waves

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