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7 Chignon Hairstyles Fit for Fancy Parties ...

By Holly

Chignons are typically worn during fancy occasions, like a wedding or an anniversary. Of course, the styles that Seventeen has shown us would work well for a day at the office as well. Don't believe it? See for yourself:

1 Side Swoop

Side Swoop If you keep this bun in place with a sparkly clip, it'll draw even more attention to your lovely locks.

2 Crimped Knot

Crimped Knot The only difference between this bun and any other bun is that you need to crimp your hair before putting it up.

3 Quick Roll

All you have to do is place a headband on your head and tuck pieces of your hair over the elastic.

4 Bow Bun

Bow Bun Create the lowest bun you can, and then secure it with a fun bow!

5 Side Knot

Side Knot Separate your hair into two sections, twist those sections together, and then put your hair up into this fun bun.

6 Side Chignon

Side Chignon Do what you'd normally do, except on the side of your head instead of the back.

7 Braided Twist

Braided Twist Create a messy bun and pair it with an adorable braided headband.

Now you have a few new ways to wear your beautiful hair! Which one of these styles do you think is the prettiest?

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