7 Chignon Hairstyles Fit for Fancy Parties ...


7 Chignon Hairstyles Fit for Fancy Parties ...
7 Chignon Hairstyles Fit for Fancy Parties ...

Chignons are typically worn during fancy occasions, like a wedding or an anniversary. Of course, the styles that Seventeen has shown us would work well for a day at the office as well. Don't believe it? See for yourself:

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Side Swoop

Side Swoop If you keep this bun in place with a sparkly clip, it'll draw even more attention to your lovely locks.


Crimped Knot

Crimped Knot The only difference between this bun and any other bun is that you need to crimp your hair before putting it up.


Quick Roll

All you have to do is place a headband on your head and tuck pieces of your hair over the elastic.


Bow Bun

Bow Bun Create the lowest bun you can, and then secure it with a fun bow!


Side Knot

Side Knot Separate your hair into two sections, twist those sections together, and then put your hair up into this fun bun.


Side Chignon

Side Chignon Do what you'd normally do, except on the side of your head instead of the back.


Braided Twist

Braided Twist Create a messy bun and pair it with an adorable braided headband.

Now you have a few new ways to wear your beautiful hair! Which one of these styles do you think is the prettiest?

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