Bobby Pin Hacks for Styling Your Hair ...

By Holly

Bobby pins are essential for certain hairstyles. That's why you should learn how to use them correctly, so you can create the best looking styles around. If you're looking for some tips, Style Caster has a few that should help you the next time you pin up your hair. Here they are:

Table of contents:

  1. place them with the rippled side facing down
  2. paint them with nail polish
  3. make them the main focus
  4. use spray starch on them
  5. use them to create better curls

1 Place Them with the Rippled Side Facing down

You're supposed to wear bobby pins with the rippled side against your scalp. It'll create a tighter grip, and it'll look nicer in your gorgeous hair.

2 Paint Them with Nail Polish

Having trouble finding bobby pins that match your hair color? Then you can buy nail polish that matches your hair color and paint all of your bobby pins. After they dry, you can slip them into your hair and nobody will notice a difference.

3 Make Them the Main Focus

Of course, you don't always have to hide your bobby pins. They can be the focus of your hairstyle. Do this by securing your hair with multiple, brightly colored bobby pins. Just space them evenly, so everyone knows they're meant to be looked at.

4 Use Spray Starch on Them

If your bobby pins aren't able to hold your hair, then you should spray them with spray starch. Then they'll have extra grip when you slip them into your hair.

5 Use Them to Create Better Curls

When you curl your hair, you should pin the curl to your head with a bobby pin after removing each piece from your curling iron. Then you can hairspray then and let them loose. That way, those curls will stay for a longer amount of time.

Bobby pins can be lifesavers, so make sure you always have a few in your pocketbook. What other tips do you have for using bobby pins?

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