Late Summer Braid Tutorials for Natural Hair ...


Late Summer Braid Tutorials for Natural Hair ...
Late Summer Braid Tutorials for Natural Hair ...

Summer isn’t over yet and a braid is the best look for the rest of the hot days ahead of you. A braid is super easy to do and keeps your hair off your neck so you can stay cool and fresh all day long. A braid might look easy, but they can get the best of any girl, myself included, especially if you want to do something fancy with your natural hair. Sometimes it’s easier to get the job done if you can watch someone else do it. Thank goodness for YouTube because there are loads of tutorials for doing a great summer braid. Here are some of the best. Happy braiding!

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Crochet Braids

This type of braid mimics the look of naturally curly hair. You’ll braid your hair straight to the scalp, but then add extensions to fill out the look. This is an easy way to braid natural hair and gives you a full look that is easy to do and looks really fantastic. This is a look that can carry you from summer to fall and beyond. Use this cool tutorial to help you finish the look just the way you want it.


Faux Dreadlocks

Not ready to go full on dreadlock? It’s definitely a commitment. Luckily, using this handy video, you can get the look without all the effort. The cool thing about faux dreadlocks is that you can leave them loose or you can braid them or put them up in a ponytail so there are lots of options once you get the locks in. Cool!


Yarn Braids

This look is fabulous! The braids are big and thick and are called “yarn”
because they look soft and luxurious like a skein of yarn. This isn’t a style you can throw together in just a few minutes. It will take some time to get the braids in place, more if you have long hair and less if your locks are shorter. It’s totally worth the effort though and this tutorial makes it easy.


Senegalese Twists

To do this type of braid, you’ll be wrapping synthetic strands around your existing hair. It’s not hard once you get the hang of it and the unique twist is something different. You’ll definitely be sporting braids that not everyone else will be wearing. Have fun with it!


Box Braids

This is a popular style of braid among celebrities, including Beyonce. They get their name from the box shape they create as you put them in. You usually end up with a sleek and shiny head of braids that look fabulous. Getting box braids done is pretty expensive, so use this tutorial to learn to do them yourself. Good luck!


Marley Twists

With this style of braid, you’ll be wrapping extensions around your own natural hair. Unlike some other styles of braid, this one tends to look a little curlier and will give you lots of volume and tons of style. Once you learn how to do the marley twist, you’ll never ever want to do any other style of braid ever again. Cool!


Ghana Braids

These braids are sometimes called banana cornrows and are really awesome looking. Synthetic strands are woven in to make the braids larger and longer. I really love how this style looks. This video makes it easy and fast to do the Ghana braid yourself so you can get it looking exactly the way you want it.

Which of these kinds of braids have you tried? What tips can you share for getting them just right?

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@ Rebecca you can do whatever you want with YOUR hair :) If you want to try something don't let anything hold you back.

I believe they can do it as long as they have the face for it. Normally people with that type of hair is more relaxed and opened to the black community.I like it. On certain people of course.

Sorry, but ethnic hair isn't clean. It also dreads because it's gross. Noooooo hair should create natural knots. That's not racism, that's truth. All of these "natural girls" are a joke. Your natural hair is what you have when you come out of the shower, not after hair gel, product, scrunching, or "twists" of any kind. End of story. Also, all hair has to be dirty in order for it to dread by itself.

@Alex Yes! Thank you! Ethnic hair does it naturally, but Caucasian hair usually has to be pretty gross. Also. Cultural appropriation is awful.

Please do not do dreads if you're white.

Do whatever you like!

Just because I'm white and my culture is boring, it doesn't mean I have the right to steal someone else's.

Lots of "white" cultures had dreads long ago too. Dutch people often had dreads long ago. It's a hairstyle. It's like saying "black girls can't have blonde straight hair". Cultural appropriation is horrid, but no ethnicity owns any hairstyle, and it's not offending a religious belief so really there's zero reason for a white person to not be able to have dreads.

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