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7 Hairstyles to Wear with Bangs ...

By Holly

If you have bangs, you probably get bored of wearing your hair in the same style day after day. However, there are plenty of things you can do with your bangs to create the illusion that you've changed up your look. It's super easy to do! Here are a few different tutorials that'll show you all the different ways to look hot with bangs:

1 Blow Dry for Perfect Side Swept Bangs

Do you have trouble creating the perfect side swept bangs that'll cover the majority of your forehead? Well, you no longer have to worry about your bangs looking bland, because this tutorial will save you. The secret to perfection? Blow dry your bangs in the opposite direction of the way you wear them!

2 5 Ways to Wear Straight across Bangs

Do you have bangs that are cut straight across? If you do, then this tutorial will be incredibly helpful for you. You can wear your bangs straight, braid them, twist them to the side, style them to the side, or put them in a poof on the top of your head.


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3 10 Ways to Wear Your Side Bangs

Do you have trouble deciding what to do with your bangs when you don't want them in your face? Well, you're in luck, because this video shows you ten entirely different ways to wear your bangs! You can try creating swoop bangs, side bangs, a small pullback, a small pompadour, a large pullback, a large pompadour, a single twist, a double strand french twist, double twist backs, or a lace braid front.

4 How to Create Braided Bangs

Do you love braiding your hair? Well, when you don't have time to do it all, you can just braid your bangs! It'll give you an adorable look that all of your friends will compliment you on. The best part? It won't take you all that long to do, but it'll appear like you spent all morning preparing! There's no better style to strut around in.

5 Enhance Your Bangs with Accessories

The woman in this video loves to use accessories, so you might have to run to the store after you watch this to pick some up! However, she never actually talks during the video, so make sure you pay attention to what she's showing you. The styles she creates aren't all that difficult to copy, so as long as you watch her closely, you shouldn't have any trouble.

6 4 Simple Ways to Style Your Side Bangs

Here's another tutorial for all you ladies with long side bangs. You can wear your bangs clipped back on the top of your head, wear them sideways, clip them to the side just a bit, or simply part them down the center. There are plenty of choices to choose from, so there's no reason to wear the same style two days in a row.

7 Create Fake Bangs

If you love the look of bangs, but don't want to commit to them, you can create fake bangs! It's not all that difficult. All you have to do is use a ton of bobby pins and brush your hair into a certain style. It looks hard at first, but you'll get used to it after your first few attempts!

Bangs are always in style, so it's not that hard to rock the look. Do you have side bangs or bangs that are cut straight across? How do you usually wear them?

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