7 Hot Hair Styles to Try ...


7 Hot Hair Styles to Try ...
7 Hot Hair Styles to Try ...

Hot Hair Styles this year come in all different forms. From short bobs to voluminous blowouts, there’s something to suit all styles. Don’t limit yourself to just one hot hair style, as many of these can be achieved with some easy styling. The following are a few popular hot hair styles that have been dominating the fashion circles.

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Urban Waves

While bed-hair and beachy waves have been the hot hair styles of recent years, this year the look is much more urban. Instead of big masses of waves, the look is sleeker with a looser wave. To achieve this look just roughly blow dry your hair, curl slightly with a curling wand, and rake your fingers through to create the right texture of wave.


The beauty of this refreshed wavy style is its effortless vibe, perfect for a fast-paced city lifestyle. While it maintains an edge of sophistication, it's designed for versatility – transitioning seamlessly from a day in the office to a night out. For maintenance, consider lightweight serums or sprays to hold the waves without weighing them down. Remember, the key is movement; you want your locks to flow and bounce as you conquer your urban jungle. Embrace this chic, no-fuss look as a symbol of modern femininity and urban elegance.


Casual Bob

The bob is a mainstay on the hair trends circuit, but it is often reinterpreted each season. This year the focus is on square, slightly mussed-up bobs. Instead of severe blunt bobs, aim for something that is slightly more ‘undone’.


The casual bob is a great look for any season, as it can be styled to look sleek and polished or left slightly undone for a more relaxed look. This year, the focus is on a square bob that is slightly mussed up. To achieve this look, ask your hairstylist for a blunt cut with slightly shorter layers in the back. To style, use a flat iron to create a smooth finish and then use a texturizing product to give it a piecey, mussed-up look. For added volume, use a round brush and blow dryer to lift the roots.


Twisted Details

One of the popular hot hair styles this year is as simple as adding some twisted strands to your ‘do. While braids have been popular in the past, twist details are a simple yet equally effective measure. Simply take a section of hair, twist it back along your scalp, and pin down. You can work this look with both loose hair and an up-do.


This effortless technique can add a touch of elegance to your everyday look or give a bohemian vibe to your evening ensemble. For a subtler effect, incorporate smaller twists around the face to delicately frame your features, or go for bold with larger, more pronounced twists for added drama. It's versatile enough to play with different sections of your hair, experimenting with symmetry or an asymmetrical design to find the twist that complements your mood and occasion perfectly.


Full Fringe (Bangs)

While the focus has been on choppy, parted fringes lately, the full fringe is making a comeback. A thick, blunt fringe will be the preferred look this fall. This extremely polished looks requires a fair amount of up-keep, so be prepared to become acquainted with a range of styling products when trying out this hot hair style.


Modern Victory Rolls

This look is a little bit retro, but with a modern twist. Inspired by the lean towards ladylike and rockabilly-inspired fashion, this is a hair style to match. Instead of focusing on a perfect roll, keep the look a bit messy and don’t worry about imperfections. You can easily find a range of tutorials on how to create victory rolls through a simple internet search.

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Big Blowouts

Add some glamour to your look by experimenting with a voluminous blowout. Big, bouncy curls are where it’s at this year. Simply add mousse to your hair, set your hair in curl pins, then release and tousle. This hot hair style is definitely one of the easier to maintain and can last for days.


Embellished up-Dos

Embellishments are a simple way to obtain this year’s hot hair styles. Style your hair into an up-do (as simple or as complicated as you’d like) and finish off the look with a range of adornments. From lace ribbons to pearl pins, use embellishments as extensions of your outfit accessories.

When it comes to hot hair styles this year, there’s no one set look. The important thing when experimenting with hair styles is to make sure that the style suits your face shape. What hot hair style will you be trying out?

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