9 Stylish Spring Haircuts for You to Try ...


9 Stylish Spring Haircuts for You to Try ...
9 Stylish Spring Haircuts for You to Try ...

Spring haircuts for this season vary from short pixie cuts to long, loose layers. Spring is often associated with rebirth, so why not take this to heart when choosing a spring haircut. It’s the perfect time to reinvent your look and start afresh. The following is a list of stylish spring haircuts that you may want to try out.

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Soft Pixie

Soft Pixie Soft, textured layers are where it’s at when it comes to the pixie haircut this spring. Pixie cuts can be quite severe sometimes, so steer clear of angular cuts and heavy styling. You want hair with movement. Celebrities that work this style well include Michelle Williams and Ginnifer Goodwin.


Sleek Bob

Sleek Bob If you’re after a more polished look when it comes to spring hairucts, try the sleek bob. It’s equal parts glamorous and sophisticated, with a little bit of edge. Stick with chin-length bobs as this will make it easier to manage. To maintain this cut, invest in some decent styling spray and a good hairbrush. For celebrity inspiration, look to Rose Byrne’s who has recently been seen rocking this cut.


Layered Bob

Layered Bob For a relatively easy to maintain spring haircut, you can’t go past the long, layered bob. Ask your hairdresser for a textured, shoulder length bob. A soft fringe also works well with this cut. Celebrities such as Olivia Wilde, Alexa Chung, and more recently Miley Cyrus have all been seen working the long bob.


Angled Layers

Angled Layers For those with wanting something a bit longer, a shoulder length, layered haircut is the way to go. Think of celebrities like Nicole Richie However you can also work this cut on a shorter hair length, a la Cameran Diaz’s new cut. Ask for choppy layers with soft edges.


Full Fringe

Full Fringe Full fringes (bangs) are set to be in style this spring. Instead of choppy, textured bangs now is the time to go for a clean, straight cut. Be warned though, because this look does require some maintenance and regular trims.


Long Pixie

Long Pixie If a closely cropped pixie isn’t to your liking, you can always try a longer length pixie cut. Aim for longer layers around the face and a sweeping side fringe that will flatter the face.


A-Line Bob

A-Line Bob As mentioned earlier, sleek bob haircuts are on trend for spring. Create a more dramatic look by opting for a bob with a dramatically angled front. This means that the hair at the front of your face is much longer than at the back.


Long, Loose Layers

Long, Loose Layers If you’re not entirely convinced to go the chop, you can always add some extra layers to your hair. If you currently have long hair, right now the look is all about loose, voluminous waves. This can easily be created by cutting all-over layers. The best part about this style of cut is that it can flatter both fine and thicker hair.


Sleek, Straight Locks

Sleek, Straight Locks Dead straight locks are a welcome alternative if you’re not into the voluminous hairstyles of late. This look works best on hair that’s cut at the same length, so you’ll want to avoid too many layers. Part your hair in the middle or to the side, and apply straightening serum to prevent flyaways. For celebrity hair inspiration, you can’t go past Gwyneth Paltrow.

I think I’ve covered nearly every haircut imaginable. There’s a spring haircut to suit all hair lengths and styles. Which of these spring haircuts would you be willing to try out?

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