9 Tips for Having a Perfect Hairstyle All Year round ...


9 Tips for Having a Perfect Hairstyle All Year round ...
9 Tips for Having a Perfect Hairstyle All Year round ...

Tips for a perfect hairstyle you’ll rock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (well, maybe 6 days a week – everybody needs a rest here and there) go way beyond mere hairstyling! Sure, a professional hairstyling tip or two could always come in handy, yet you should have in mind that regardless of how cool it is, no hairstyle on this world gets done on its own. It’s about regular maintenance and regular care. Our mission for today, lovelies, is obtaining manageable, easy to style hair by adopting a few life-saving habits! Sound like something you could use? Well, here are a few tips for perfect hairstyle you should consider!

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Get Your Cut Maintained

First on my list of tips for perfect hairstyle literally all year round is to stick to your hair appointments! Get your cut freshened up every two months to keep it looking picture perfect and split end free. If you’re rocking a layered style you’re completely happy with, you should follow these instructions as well. Letting your hair grow out way too much actually makes it harder for your stylist to determine what your style was to begin with. This can put your good looks in jeopardy as well, as there is no guarantee you’ll leave the salon sporting an exact replica of the style you loved so much.


Learn a Few Professional Hairstyling Tips

Being able to style your hair at home will save you tons of cash, anyone can learn how to rock a perfectly styled mane even when operating on a tight budget! You don’t have to become 100% self-sufficient of course, but a salon-quality blowout, a color-refreshing tint, and a few glam up do’s are something you can definitely learn how to do on your own!


Find Your Perfect Products

Using products your hair doesn’t love all that much means having to deal with crappy-looking hair on daily basis! When you pile on the products it just loses that bouncy look that you love. Not a good road to take if you want it to look good at all times, which I'm sure you do! Take advantage of professional styling tips from celebrity stylistswho have worked on perfecting red carpet looks. Also experiment with different products made for your hair type until you find a combination of shampoo, conditioner and styling product that really does your hair justice.


Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

Now, I’m certainly not trying to imply you should get a radically new cut or dramatically change your hair color every six months. But, you definitely should listen to that little voice inside of you telling you that you need a change. Get those subtle high or lowlights done or experiment with a fringe! Bangs grow very fast, which means that you can experiment with various styles quite often. Have a different look that’s definitely going to score you some serious compliments and the title of a woman who has managed to keep the rut at bay! Oh, and do keep reading as there are more interesting tips for the perfect hairstyle right after you click the “Next” button!


Adjust Your Style to the Season

Insisting on wearing a sleek, pin straight style when your hair is curly, wavy or generally easy to frizz ,will prove to be nothing but trouble during hot or rainy periods of the year! You’ll go through all that trouble styling your hair knowing that it may get totally ruined by the time you get where you need to be and, trust me, that’s an additional stress we could all live without! Leave high-maintenance hairstyles for balmy weather and opt for interesting, yet less complicated styles in times when the weather forecast basically spells out “hair disaster waiting to happen”. Go heatless in summer and experiment with styles that will help you show off that natural texture you’ve been ignoring so far, and you’ll literally kill two birds with one stone. Everyone will notice your change of style and you’ll get to chill out and relax knowing nothing bad or unpredictable will happen to your hair.


Know What’s Hot

Next tip for a perfect hairstyle everybody will envy you on is to always know what’s hot for the season. Also be sure to purchase everything you’ll need to pull off a look that’s trendy yet relatively or total hassle free. These tiny accents usually include clips, barrettes, bobby pins, and headbands, and are quite cheap and easy to find. These items will help keep your creative juices flowing, while motivating you to use them to update your standard styles. Keep these babies out where you can see them so they can always remind you that your hairstyle could be much better!


Be Critical about It

If you’re busy dealing with hair-related problems so often that having a perfect style all year round seems like mission impossible, you should definitely take on a critical approach! And I’m not taking any wild shots here, this actually happens to be a professional hairstyling tip any good stylist would advise you to take into account. If something is not right and it’s been that way for a very long time, you ought to find the thing that’s causing the problem. If the cut is too high maintenance for you or doesn’t represent your hair in the best way, you should have a talk with your stylist or find a new one. Perhaps the quality of your hair is the questionable thing preventing you from having a perfect style, if so you should really focus on improving your hair care regiment. Lastly, be objective about your styling habits, and if you do realize you’re stuck in the bad-hair period, do everything in your power to change.


Keep Your Hair Healthy

Okay, well this is one of those tips for a perfect hairstyle you’ve probably seen coming – didn’t you? And while it does sound like a total cliché, intensive hair care regiment really has a lot to do with good looks! Browse the hair section some more to find some of the best hairstyling tips available. You will also find tons of product suggestions and budget-friendly DIY projects to help you care for your tresses the best way and get them to be shiny, healthy and frizz-proof, of course!


Get the Best of a Bad Situation

When life gives you a lemon, call for tequila shots! It’s as simple as that! Okay, so your style for the day isn’t as perfect as you’ve hoped for, your new hair color is radical in all the wrong ways, or you simply didn’t have enough time to wash and style your hair as usual before leaving the house! You can cry about it and let everyone know that’s not what you were going for or you can do something about it. Hairspray, a couple of bobby pins, and an elastic band or two will help you style your unwashed or unruly tresses like a pro. Pull it into a high or low bun, a classy chignon, or a trendy braided up do to help turn your bad look around. However, hair color gone wrong is not a quick fix and requires a tint, a cool style, and a big smile that says, “I meant to do that”, to look right or, at least, less wrong!

Have any of your own cool tips for a perfect hairstyle to share? I’m all ears! Are there any super secret professional hairstyling tips or maybe a few not so secret, but good to know styling tricks you feel like revealing?

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