7 Hair Care Tips for Winter ...


7 Hair Care Tips for Winter ...
7 Hair Care Tips for Winter ...

Winter can be such a beautiful season, but it also requires most of us to learn some special hair care tips for winter. The winter season brings cold, snow and to a lucky few, a break from work or school! However, don’t get caught up in all the positives winter brings. For winter weather can wreak havoc on your hair! To help keep this from happening, here are 7 hair care tips for winter to keep your hair looking as gorgeous as always!

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Use Shampoo Sparingly

Cold winter winds cause drying of not only your skin, but also your hair and scalp! That's why it's really important to learn these hair care tips for winter! Avoid shampooing your hair too much, not more than twice a week, as it also causes hair dryness. Also, never use very hot water for washing your hair in winter, as it leaves your hair tattered and frizzy. Use lukewarm water to retain the moisture of your hair instead!


Conditioner is a Must

To help your hair fight against the cold, the best method is to apply a good conditioner each time you wash your hair. Make sure NOT to apply conditioner on your scalp. Making sure you condition your hair will provide a shine to your hair strands and prevent them from breakage. Another good thing to do during the winter months is to use a deep conditioner on your hair at least once a week.


Avoid Your Hairdryer

It is always good to let your hair dry naturally, but it is even more important to do this during the winter season. If you feel you absolutely need to use your hairdryer, then try setting your hair dryer on the ‘cool’ mode while blow drying your hair, as cool air will damage your hair less. Obviously it goes without saying that you should also try to avoid your flat iron and curling iron too, as much as you can.


Always Wear a Hat

If you love your hair, then you should try and cover it whenever you're outside to protect your hair from those cold winds. Wear a scarf, hat or anything else that will help to lock in the moisture of your hair to save it from breakage. Another good thing to remember is that your scarf or cap should not be too tight as it constricts blood flow in the scalp, causing hair damage.


Fight Static

Wearing hats, hoods, and anything else on your head does have its downside. It may cause static in your hair! For an easy way to combat static, spray a small amount of hair spray on your hairbrush when you are done styling and brush it through from top to bottom. Then when you take your hat on and off, your hair won't become as static! How much easier could it be?


Oil Your Hair

In the winter, it is usually chilly and wet outside and dry and warm inside the house. This changing temperature harms your hair! Oil your hair regularly, it will help to restore moisture and give life to your lifeless locks. It is not necessary to keep the oil on for long hours. One to two hours is more than enough to do the trick. Make sure not to over use shampoo while you are washing the oil off because it will nullify the conditioning effect.


No Wet Hair

This should be a pretty obvious tip, but in the winter, make sure to dry your hair before you leave the house! It really pays to get up half an hour earlier to blow dry your hair, or a couple hours early to let your hair air dry. It’ll definitely be worth it to avoid the sneezing and running nose you’ll have for days after! Plus, on really cold days, you don't want your hair freezing into strands of icicles! Not very cute.

Before you know it, winter will be over and summer will come with its own set of hair challenges. But until then, enjoy the beauty of winter and remember to follow these tips! What changes do you notice in the winter with your hair? How do you solve them?

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Just pointing out that number 3 says don't blow dry your hair, but number 7 says blow dry it before going out. Might be better to change it to "air dry" in number 7 just to avoid the confusion other readers might also encounter, lol

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For the Oil can you use Olive Oil .?

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