8 Essential Hair Care Tips for Gorgeous Hair That Every Girl Should Know ...


8 Essential Hair Care Tips for Gorgeous Hair That Every Girl Should Know ...
8 Essential Hair Care Tips for Gorgeous Hair That Every Girl Should Know ...

No matter what your hair type, there are essential hair care tips that can greatly benefit the look and feel of your hair. If you’re in the practice of using only the finest hair care products but still not achieving the results you want, perhaps it’s best to get back to the basics! Try out these essential hair care tips to attain the strong, healthy and glossy hair that you’ve always wanted!

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Turn down the Heat

Essential hair care tips for any hair type include turning down the heat on styling tools. I know it might be easier to set your curling or flat iron on the highest setting but it can damage your poor hair! Also, even if you’re in a hurry, keep the heat on your blow dryer to a minimum to reduce damage to your strands and scalp. It might take a little longer to dry your hair but your scalp and hair will thank you!


Know Your Hair Type

This next hair care tip might sound so obvious but I think it still warrants a mention! Knowing your hair type and buying hair care products that match your hair type are very important to your hair’s health and appearance. Arbitrarily picking hair care products for the packaging or fragrance is a big no-no! Get to know your hair and only use the appropriate products!


Caution when Wet

If you weren’t aware of this next tip in hair care, take note! Hair is very vulnerable to damage when it’s wet, so it’s a must to always be very gentle when handling it. Only use a wide-toothed comb on wet hair and never brush it to prevent breakage, split ends and damage. Pat wet hair dry and never rub it with a towel when you're removing excess water.


Don’t Overdo It

When it comes to hair care don’ts, you never want to overdo anything. Keep heat styling, hair coloring, treatments and brushing in moderation because doing any of these things in excess doesn’t help your hair at all. It’s always best to give your hair a break every now and then to prevent damage and so your hair can retain its natural moisture.


Go Natural

The next time you’re looking for a hair care treatment or styling product, try going natural to avoid exposing your hair to chemicals. There are tons of homemade recipes for hair masks, deep conditioners, scalp and hair clarifiers and so on, so try using natural products that contain nourishing ingredients that are beneficial for your hair!



Just like we’re constantly told to protect our skin, it’s also important to protect our hair! Use hair care products that contain sunscreen, use heat protectants before using any heat tools on your hair and condition your hair to keep your ends soft and strong! These extra steps and hair care products might seem like a hassle but going without them will make a huge difference in the health of your hair!


Get Regular Trims

Getting regular trims is another hair care tip that many women overlook because it’s also time-consuming and sometimes we just don’t have the money. Even if you’re on a budget, get trims when your budget allows to chop off split ends and damaged hair. This will make hair easier to style and manage, and your hair will look and feel so much better!


Don’t Fight It

No matter what your hair type, learn to love it and not fight it! I know, most women with straight hair want waves or ringlets and ladies with curly locks crave pin-straight hair. It’s perfectly fine to style your hair the opposite of your natural texture once in a while, but constantly fighting your natural hair type can cause damage, not to mention it’s extremely time consuming! Learn to love your hair and it’ll show you love back!

Take note of these simple hair care tips to achieve and maintain the healthiest head of hair possible. We’re all made differently with unique hair types but there are certainly specific hair rules to follow that’ll help ensure gorgeous, shiny hair that you’ll be proud to show off! What are some of your personal hair care tips?

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Almond oil, coconut oil and cactus w/ garlic oil good for the hair should research.

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Argan oil works wonders

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