7 No-Nonsense Hair Rules for Women ...


7 No-Nonsense Hair Rules for Women ...
7 No-Nonsense Hair Rules for Women ...

Hair rules for women interested in keeping their hair healthy and perfectly groomed aren’t the easiest ones to follow! But hey, that’s discipline and commitment for you – not always the easy road, true, but definitely worth taking! But let’s take a look at some of the most important must know hair rules and benefits to expect from following them! Well, here they are...

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No Shape is a No Go

Having long hair you rarely trim and have never had professionally cut and styled to your face shape pretty much ruins the entire deal, making what’s about to follow one of the basic hair rules for women with long hair! You see, it’s not about just having hair, it’s about it looking good as well… about making it look good on you! And, as flattering as it sounds in theory, long hair can look quite drab too! The look might have been a cool one back when you were eleven and your mom used to be the only stylist you knew, but as you grow up your face changes too, the need to have your hairstyle matched to it arises and the issue of root VS end volume really needs to be addressed!


Maintenance above All

Speaking about must know hair rules – in case you’ve ever seen a lady sporting hair that looks like it’s getting what it needs as often as once in a blue moon, you know how much this lack of effort can hurt one’s look! Don’t dye your hair if you’re not ready to make it work for you and have no time to get it touched up, refreshed or cared for properly. Don’t lighten it more than two shades or expose it to harsh chemical treatments if you’re not ready to accept the fact that chemically treated hair needs more care. Don’t demand a high-maintenance cut you’ve seen in a magazine in case you don’t like to bother with styling. It’s pretty simple – know what you can and cannot do, think about it, accept it and adapt or change your habits to fit your new color/cut.


Understanding the needs of your mane is crucial. If you opt for a bold new dye, regular root touch-ups are non-negotiable to avoid a half-hearted look. Similarly, after significant bleaching, deep conditioning and protein treatments come with the territory. A precision cut might turn heads, but be honest if a quick tousle is more your speed. The key is to align your hair routine with your lifestyle, and not the other way around. Embrace a regimen that nurtures your hair, otherwise even the most on-trend style will fall flat – literally and figuratively.


Patch Test is a Must

Patch test is probably not the smartest thing to forget to do when DIYing a new concoction or testing a new product for at home coloring, and there are plenty of gruesome articles to prove that, especially the latter! Don’t play with it, do a patch test and you might want to do a strand test as well, just to make sure you’re really getting the result you want.


Be Gentle

All those advices about using elastic bands without metal parts, doing major detangling while the hair is dry, not pulling hair while styling, using heat protectants and so on aren’t made to complicate your hair care routine even further, but teach you how to be gentle with your hair to avoid damage that, according to a lot of stylists, can be alarmingly serious! Don’t shrug them off thinking, “Oh, come on, my hair can take it,” but try to improve your routine one gentle action at the time. It will take some getting used to but will become a habit pretty soon and your hair will definitely thank you for it!


Being gentle extends to all facets of hair care. For instance, when drying your hair, pat it softly with a towel instead of robustly rubbing it, which can create frizz and breakage. Think of your hair as a delicate fabric that requires tender handling. When brushing, start from the ends and work your way up to avoid yanking knots through the entire length, which can lead to split ends. Also, avoid over-styling with tight hairstyles that can strain your roots. By approaching your hair care lovingly, you nurture its natural strength and shine.


Right Tools Are a Good Investment

One very well known hair care rule for women says you shouldn’t use heat more than a few times a week and even that falls under the category of, “Oh well, if you really must!” What most people forget to point out is that the damage also depends on the type of the tool you use. Cheapo, no protection flat irons, for example, (or a regular household iron) might be a budget friendly choices but will leave your hair damaged and dry even if you’re not using it more than once a week. A good-quality tool featuring various protective coats on the other hand won’t damage your hair as nearly as much and nowadays, doesn’t even cost a fortune. Same thing can be said for styling brushes, of course, and while cheapo ones may look good at first sight, you will find them less than satisfying in practice. Why not opt for a bit more expensive pro brush that won’t melt in your hair or cause static?


Investing in the right tools not only minimizes damage but also enhances your hair's overall appearance and health. Consider tools with ionic, ceramic or tourmaline technology – these are designed to distribute heat more evenly, reducing the likelihood of hot spots that can fry your hair. This might mean shelling out a few extra bucks, but the long-term savings on hair repair treatments will be more than worth it. Plus, with a plethora of online sales and discounts, you can snag high-quality gadgets without breaking the bank. Always remember, healthy hair is the result of smart choices, both in care and in tool selection.


Less is More

If a tongue could been worked into a stub most celebrity stylist would have been mute by now! But really – how many times have we been warned about the “less is more” rule? More product won’t make your hair better, just make it heavier, harder to style, help it look dirty sooner and leave more build up for you to worry about! Get acquainted with each new product you choose to use, read a few reviews, follow the instructions on the back of the package and don’t dismiss it until you’ve tested it a few times and found the perfect dosage.


Wishful Thinking is Not Good

This is one of those must know hair rules I just feel the need to mention over and over again simply because I’ve been making the same mistake and have a first-hand experience in how depressing using the wrong products can prove to be. Always opt for hair product made for your hair type, not the hair type you wish you had. If you, for example, have curly hair and would like it to be straight, shampooing and conditioning it with products for straight hair won’t really do much. Choose moisturizing , anti-frizz products to prevent your curls from frizzing and shrinking up and follow up with a product that helps curly hair turn and remain straight with the least amount of effort possible.

Which are those must know hair rules you go by and is there something you know that you should be doing better?

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My older sisters are cosmetologists (: I'm pretty lucky to have all the best shampoos, hair products, expensive dyes and tools for styling my hair :p

I have another tip listen to your hairstylist!!! When they tell you these products are good or a cut/ color won't look right or unrealistic to get plz plz listen they are the professional

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