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Ladies, if you’re new to the world of hair extensions, read up on these fab tips for wearing extensions and caring for them! Wearing hair extensions is a great way to add length, color, volume and give your confidence a huge boost without much commitment! So, if you’re curious on how you can dramatically change your look without all the processing, keep reading for 8 brilliant tips for wearing extensions!

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Shop around

Let’s start off these tips for wearing extensions with shopping for hair extensions. You have quite a few options when it comes to hair extensions, you can get them done professionally at a salon or do it yourself! There are also different types of hair extensions such as synthetic and natural. Most people tend to choose natural hair extensions since they look and feel more like real hair but it’s totally up to you.


Attachment Theory

Next, you’ll want to figure out what type of hair extensions you’re going to want to wear - clip-on, heat fusion, cold fusion, skin weft or microbead. There are so many different ways to attach hair extensions to your hair, but if you’re just starting out and want to try the simplest method, try clip-on extensions. You just clip them on to add some volume and length, style and then clip them out when you’re ready to retire for the evening!


Brush It off

Now let’s talk about caring for extensions! Once you pick out what type of hair extensions you want to wear, get yourself a good brush and/or comb. Wide tooth combs are a must-have for caring for extensions as well as a loop bristle brush. The wide tooth comb can help you detangle your hair and the loop brush can help preserve the life of your hair extensions.


Wash and Wear

Cleansing and conditioning is essential to keeping your hair clean, soft and shiny so of course we want to do the same for your hair extensions! Extensions can accumulate product build-up and residue like your natural hair so it’s important to keep them clean. As far as the type of shampoo and conditioner to use on extensions, there doesn’t appear to be one perfect brand or type. But as a general rule, hair products with lots of silicone or conditioning oils are to be avoided.


Rubbed the Wrong Way

Another tip on washing hair extensions is to be very gentle with them. Always wash hair extensions separately and avoid twisting, scrubbing or rubbing them while you wash. Also, when applying shampoo and conditioner, always apply in a downward motion and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and gently squeeze; don’t ring excess water out.


Heat up

Typically, you only want to use heat tools on 100% human hair and when you do, make sure you start with the lowest heat settings first to avoid damage. Experts say that overusing blow dryers, curling irons and flat irons can shorten the life of your natural hair extensions so keep that in mind when you’re styling them! For best results, treat your hair extensions like you would the natural hair on your own head!


Storage Wars

Another one of the important tips on caring for extensions is to properly store them. If you wear clip-on extensions, you’ll want to remove them at night and lay them out flat. If you wear semi-permanent or permanent hair extensions, make sure you wrap your hair in a silk scarf or braid your hair to prevent tangling and knots. Bonus points if you also sleep on a satin pillowcase which is much gentler on your hair than cotton!


Listen to Your Body

Lastly, as much fun it is to change your look with hair extensions, don’t ignore your body! If your hair extensions are causing damage to your hair or scalp or you find that your hair is falling out or thinning, it’s time to take them out and give your scalp a rest. Extensions shouldn’t hurt or damage your hair or scalp as long as you take good care of them but there is a chance that they could damage your scalp.

There is so much information involved when it comes to caring for and wearing hair extensions! These eight tips are just the tip of the iceberg but hopefully it provided you with a brief overview on what it’s like to care for hair extensions? Do you wear hair extensions? What are your hair care tips?

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Does anyone know any good Hair Extensions stores?

Sulfate shampoo/conditioner is your best friend including Moroccan oil

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