7 Things Your Hair Says about You That You Might Not Realize ...

As someone who was born with a head full of hair, I’ve dealt with quite a bit of attention from my hair, and learned that whether you like it or not, there are certain things your hair says about you, that you might not even realize. Growing up, not only was I shy, timid, quiet and reserved, but I was also terrified of being the center of attention. Unfortunately, my hair made me that way. It was big, fluffy, thick and long, and though it was pretty, it brought me attention I didn’t really want. As I progressed into my teenage years, I grew much more confident in my body and myself and learned so many things your hair says about you that change the way you're perceived in public. Not that it changes things, but it can help you become aware of why others see you the way they do. Above all, be confident, no matter what you hair looks like, and just like your hair does, just go with the flow!

1. It Proves if You’re High Maintenance

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One of the things your hair says about you is whether or not you’re high maintenance. For instance, I’d rather pull my hair on top of my head in a large fluffy ballerina bun which takes me about 5 seconds than try to style it and make it look simpler, down around my face. I’m not high maintenance with my hair, regardless of what people think. If you’re a ponytail girl, you’re probably like me. Yet, if you take extra time to spray, straighten, stiffen, curl and gel it up, more than likely people will see you as high maintenance.

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