7 Things Your Hair Says about You That You Might Not Realize ...


7 Things Your Hair Says about You That You Might Not Realize ...
7 Things Your Hair Says about You That You Might Not Realize ...

As someone who was born with a head full of hair, I’ve dealt with quite a bit of attention from my hair, and learned that whether you like it or not, there are certain things your hair says about you, that you might not even realize. Growing up, not only was I shy, timid, quiet and reserved, but I was also terrified of being the center of attention. Unfortunately, my hair made me that way. It was big, fluffy, thick and long, and though it was pretty, it brought me attention I didn’t really want. As I progressed into my teenage years, I grew much more confident in my body and myself and learned so many things your hair says about you that change the way you're perceived in public. Not that it changes things, but it can help you become aware of why others see you the way they do. Above all, be confident, no matter what you hair looks like, and just like your hair does, just go with the flow!

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It Proves if You’re High Maintenance

It Proves if You’re High Maintenance One of the things your hair says about you is whether or not you’re high maintenance. For instance, I’d rather pull my hair on top of my head in a large fluffy ballerina bun which takes me about 5 seconds than try to style it and make it look simpler, down around my face. I’m not high maintenance with my hair, regardless of what people think. If you’re a ponytail girl, you’re probably like me. Yet, if you take extra time to spray, straighten, stiffen, curl and gel it up, more than likely people will see you as high maintenance.


It Shows Your Best Features

It Shows Your Best Features One positive thing your hair can say about you is how it shows the other fabulous features you have. Perhaps your style or cut shows off that beautiful cheekbone you have, or those lovely healthy cheeks or your amazing neckline. Whatever the case, your hair can say a lot about your other facial features. For me, I liked that my hair accents my round face, which I always hated growing up, but appreciate now as an adult.


It Speaks of Your Health

It Speaks of Your Health Is your hair brittle and breaking often, and is it dry? Or, is it healthy, shiny and vibrant? During the worst times of my health, no matter how pretty my hair was, it was terribly unhealthy, and it spoke volumes of my health. Now that I’m healthy, it has doubled in thickness and shine again, and is growing faster than ever. Your hair says a lot about what is going on inside your body. Be sure you take care of your body so it can take care of you and your lovely locks!


It Can Show Your Sexuality

It Can Show Your Sexuality Whether or not this is true or not, I’m not sure, but I do believe that a certain hairstyle can imply how sexual you are, whether it ends up being true or not. For instance, long, flowing hair is associated with romance, and men perceive it this way. Shorter hair is associated more with style, fashion and trend. Really curly hair is also perceived as sexually wild, according to Cosmopolitan magazine, while jet black colored hair is also associated with riskier bedroom behavior. Blonds and redheads are also perceived as more sexual than light brown and dark brown haired individuals. While I don’t believe your hair style or color truly signifies how you act sexually, I do believe these stereotypes can often be true of how people perceive you to be. Like it or not, stereotypes do exist, even in relation to sexuality and your hair.


It Shows off Your Sense of Style

It Shows off Your Sense of Style I guess my hair signifies the fact I’m simple, a girly-girl and that I put my hair’s natural color above trends, styles and upkeep. I’ve always admired those who are super trendy and willing to show it with their hair, but every time I go there, I’m just not happy! So, I keep things simple, don’t color my hair and wear it long instead of a super cute fashionable cut. While I consider myself fashionable, I don’t put style over simplicity. Your hair can show off how stylish you are, and you can decide whether you want that to be a good or a bad thing!


It Can Show off Your Personality

It Can Show off Your Personality Are you fun, outgoing and like to try new things? Your hair might show that! If you’re into those fresh, funky new colors and styles, more than likely you’re incredibly outgoing, a social diva and probably never face a challenge you aren’t willing to tackle. Or, if you’re more like me and keep your hair simple, yet still styled in an up to date way, you might like social crowds, but might be a little shy of trying new things or embracing the unknown. We show off our personality through the way we dress, style our hair and the way we present ourselves in public. Your hair and image will reflect your personality, whether or not you even realize it.


It Says How Spontaneous You Are

It Says How Spontaneous You Are If you’re willing to go for a purple hair job or a nearly bald haircut, you’re probably much more spontaneous than someone who isn’t willing to color their hair or go as short. If only I were so brave! Spontaneity is shown in many different ways, and your hair is merely just one of those.

No matter what your hair may say about you, remember that how you treat people always says more. I don’t care if your hair is long enough to touch your toes or dyed purple, blue or green. As long as you’re nice to other people and show off a style that reflects something you’re comfortable with, that’s all that matters! What do you think your hair might say about you?

Source: cosmopolitan.com

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I don't think that if you take time to style your hair everyday it means that you are high maintenance.

How do you make your hair silky and shiny? Mine is always dull and frizzy and I\'m totally healthy, it has always been like this! What do I do?

Thank you a ton, I've just been thinking about how to tell him and I have no clue

#4 - poorly written... Or not!

Wow I don't even remember asking this, must have been a rough night. But so there's this guy... And he liked me a while ago and he asked me out but I turned him down cause I didn't really know him or like him. We stopped talking for a whole and then started talking again and the same thing happened. Recently we've been talking and it's the opposite I like him. And he just kinda dropped me like did to him but we still talk here and there and I still really like him but he lives an hour away. And I'm totally hooked on him. It's not like a week or two thing, I've known this kid for around a year now and I feel bad for what I did because now I know how much it hurts. But he said he didn't remember anything that has happened between us and I just don't even know what to do

Cause there's that person you will always have feeling for and he is that guy thank you for helping btw

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