7 Things You Can do for Healthy Hair ...


7 Things You Can do for Healthy Hair ...
7 Things You Can do for Healthy Hair ...

There are things you can do for healthy hair, even if you feel like your hair is past the point of no return. You may have bleached and processed it till it seems totally fried but even then, you can encourage your hair to repair itself. I am sharing 7 things you can do for healthy hair and all of them are tried and true. I care a lot about my hair health and have found what works and what doesn’t through a process of trial and error. Here are best 7 tips I know to get healthy hair once again or to make sure your healthy hair stays in that condition.

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Go Dirty

If you can at all, one of the best things you can do for healthy hair is to go dirty. Do your best not to wash your hair each day. Aim for every other day or every third day. This gives your hair a day or two off from being scrubbed and allows your hair to have its own natural oil to moisturize it which is much better than any artificial conditioner you could apply. An added benefit to doing this is that your hair will be easier to fix the second and third day. It has a better texture to work with.


Take Prenatal Vitamins

If your doctor approves, taking prenatal vitamins can help your hair to become healthier. It helps it to grow faster too. Prenatal vitamins are chock full of all the good things that your hair needs. Additionally, prenatal vitamins are actually good for you in many ways. One other way that prenatal vitamins are beneficial to you is that they contain folic acid which all women of childbearing age need to have.


Wear It down

Wearing your hair in styles that pull it up such as buns, ponytails and in barrettes can be difficult on your hair. It tugs and pulls on it and is a common cause of breakage. When you can, choose to wear your hair down instead of wearing it up in styles that cause wear and tear. When you must wear your hair up, be sure to select accessories that are easy on your hair. One good example is to select coated hair bands instead of plain rubber bands.


Use Quality Products

Using quality products can help you to have healthy hair. While there is nothing wrong with using drugstore hair products, many times salon products are better quality. You can find them at a reduced price online if you shop around. If you need to stick to drugstore hair products, it is important to choose products that suit your hair. For example, if you have color treated hair, choose hair products for color treated hair.


Air Dry

Blow drying your hair is terribly hard on it. When you can, allow your hair to air dry. This is so much healthier on your hair. I try to do this at least once a week. An added advantage of allowing your hair to air dry is your hair will feel much softer to the touch.


Go for a Cooler Heat

I get that we all use styling tools to fix our hair. My sink is currently cluttered with a hair dryer, flat iron and curling iron and my hot rollers are not far away, so I totally get using heated styling tools. But the truth is that they are hard on your hair. They dry it out and cause breakage. So when you do use them, elect to style your hair with them on lower heat settings.


Give It TLC

If you take time to consider it, we are really hard on our hair. It is good to replenish all that your hair loses by giving it some TLC with a deep conditioning treatment. A deep conditioning treatment doesn’t have to be complex. You can buy a deep conditioning mask practically anywhere. If you want to up the benefits a bit, throw a damp towel in the dryer just long enough to get it warm.

Basically, all of these suggestions can be summarized by saying treat your hair gently. What healthy hair tips do you have to share with me? They just might make my list!

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If I don't wash my hair daily....it looks weak and limb and has no volume.

Sorry if this might be obvious but what TCL ?

What can i do for my hair at night?

Well...if u dnt wash my hair daily...my hair just go dry n breaks....i think those points are crazy...and to let hair down.....i dont think so...

Thanks for the pre-natal vits tip! I don't use fancy products on my crowning glory (just olive oil or homemade salt spray for a beach look) and I've never owned a hairdryer (the enemy of hair!) but the other tips are spot on!

Before i sleep

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