7 Ways to Deal with Thinning Hair ...


Thinning hair is an issue many women, and even young girls deal with, and there are several ways to deal with thinning hair if you find yourself in this situation. Not only can thinning hair be scary if it happens all of a sudden, but it can also be embarrassing. It might be a health scare for some of us, while others of us simply be stressed and losing more strands as a result. Be sure you tend to your thinning hair and don’t ignore it, or you could be ignoring a scary issue or health sign in the process. Work through these ways to deal with thinning hair, so you can figure out what the cause is, and how to get your hair back to normal in no time!

1. Protein Please

One of the most important ways to deal with thinning hair is to be sure your diet isn’t the culprit. If your diet is lacking important vitamins, minerals or protein, then your hair will start to suffer pretty quickly. One thing you should make sure you’re getting plenty of is protein. Protein is essential to healthy hair growth, maintenance and strength. Hair is made of collagen fibers which are derived and made from easy to absorb proteins. Many vegans may struggle with getting enough easy-to-absorb sources of protein. Grains and beans aren’always the best source, which means vegans should turn to foods like hemp, chia, sprouted brown rice protein, and pea protein instead. These are all fantastic, easy- to- absorb plant-based sources of protein. For omnivores, the best options for your hair include fish, eggs, organic Greek yogurt and organic, raw whey protein from grass fed cows. These are better sources of protein for your body than meat, which is harder to digest for some, making it harder the body to absorb protein. This isn’t the case for everyone, but may be for some. If you’re lactose intolerant, don’t turn to vegan sources of yogurt for the same protein benefits. Most non-dairy sources of yogurt and milk lack protein and you should seek another vegan option instead.

B Vitamins