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Depending on where you live, your type of hair, and what you want to accomplish, tips for great hair can be varied and plentiful. There are so many products on the market it can make that gorgeous head of hair spin. But if you follow these tips for great hair, Rapunzel will be asking you for advice in no time!

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Clip and Snip Regularly

The split end blues can create a hairy mess. One of the most important tips for great hair is to take care of the hair! Make sure the stylist is up on your coiffure wish list. Bringing photos of preferred cuts to the salon is not you being a control freak, it’s you not expecting your stylist to be a mind-reader. Understand the limitations of your hair with the preferred cut (as well as the realization that those models have a team making them look fresh and untouched), and you will be on your way to luscious locks in no time.


Condition Those Curls

When you wash, condition. And on those (ahem) rare occasions that you don’t have plans on a Saturday night, give your hair some extra loving with a deep condition. Some of them can be kept on your hair overnight for an even more luxurious experience.


Stay Organic if Possible

There are so many homemade and over-the-counter conditioning options that don’t test on animals, have ingredients you can’t pronounce, or break your pocketbook. Think olive oil, yogurt, honey, egg yolks (getting hungry?) without gaining any weight. If you don’t want to break out the mixing bowl, try Aveda, Paul Mitchell, or Ulta for some good ideas. If you’re into the do-it-yourself mode, Google some great options for your own recipes.


Low or No Heat Drying

One of the biggest culprits in your hair losing the spring in its step is how you suck the moisture out of it through over blow drying it. Try some experiments, like washing and air drying your hair the night before work, and just primping it with a little product in the morning. Not only will it quench your hair’s thirst, it will also give you some more time in the morning for breakfast, yoga, or even a few more minutes of shut eye! If you decide you must blow dry in the morning, keep it low!


Silk Pillowcases Aren’t Just for Cinderella

In order to wake up with those silky locks falling across your neck instead of bunched up on top of your head in gnarly knots, take a tip from Oprah and glam it up with a silk case. The softness of the real silk pillowcase will caress you the way you’ve dreamed Ryan Gosling would all night. After all, aren’t we worth this?!?

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Change It up!

When you first started using your shampoo and conditioner products, you couldn’t believe how well they understood you and what you wanted your hair to be like. But then, the honeymoon was over, and it started to ignore you. It’s not you. Really. Well, maybe a little…The products just started taking you for granted, while you needed constant change. It’s time you found it. Why not find two or three more mini bottles of good quality shampoo and conditioners and depending on your hair’s mood, keep them guessing and change it up?


Shampoo Every Other Day

Yes, you shower every morning, after your workout, before your date, and you also take a bath to relax. Have that moisturizing conversation with your skin if all of this cleansing starts to take a toll. However, your hair doesn’t need to be a part of this conversation. Try to see how you handle not washing your hair every day, but rather every other day. Some say the natural oils will thank you for this reprieve from continuously washing them off of your scalp. As long as you don’t have heavy products in your hair, this may work better than you realize.

There are many ways to give your head the crown it deserves. What are your favorite tips for gorgeous hair?

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Thanx's so much

Even every other day for washing your hair can be too much. Know your hair and how often you have to wash it. Guess what girls, those natural oils that make your hair greasy are good for your hair!

I really like to use coconut oil on my hair at least once a week. I'll drench it in oil and then wrap it in a shower cap to trap the heat. This keeps the oil warm and fluid instead of getting hard. I'll usually let it sit for a few hours but I've been told leaving it in all night can give pretty amazing results :)

very informative

Less is more listen for soft healthy hair this is what I do twice to three days a week wash my hair with baby shampoo and once a week i do an egg masque this creates beautiful shine

I wash out shampoo and conditioner with cold water to avoid over drying hair and to lock in moisture. I do the same when I wash my face.

Know your hair well, dont wash your hair often and dont let natural oil too much. Caused dry and hairfall.

really informative .. loved it :)

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